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Classic Unbaked Cheesecake

Updated on April 13, 2018


1) 125g Digestive biscuits, crushed

2) 50g Butter, melted

3) 500g cream cheese

4) 1/2cup caster sugar

5) 2 tablespoons lemon juice

6) 1/4 cup milk

7) 1 cup thickened cream

8) 1 tablespoon Gelatine

9) 2 egg whites


1) Combine biscuits and butter together and press onto the base of a 22cm springform tin. Refrigerate while preparing filling.

2) Cream together the cheese and sugar until smooth. Beat in lemon juice and milk, then gently fold in cream.

3) Sprinkle the gelatine onto 2tablespoons hot water and stir briskly until dissolved to a clear golden liquid. Add to cheese mixture.

4) Whip egg whites until stiff peaks form. fold into cheese mixture. Pour into prepared tin. Refrigerate until firm.

5) Decorate with whipped cream and thin lemon twists.


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