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Claude Monet Coffee Mugs for Art Lovers

Updated on May 7, 2013

Chaleur Coffee Mugs Capture Claude Monet's Masterpieces

Celebrate the paintings of Claude Monet with a high-quality coffee mug featuring one of his many masterpieces. Each of the mugs showcase a full-color high-quality reproduction of a painting. Choose from some of his most famous works varying from his Waterlilies, to Sunset on the Seine to my favorite, Poppies at Argenteuil and many more. If you appreciate the masterpiece's of Claude Monet, know an art lover, or just wish to give a beautiful gift then a Claude Monet coffee mug by Chaleur is the perfect gift for you to choose.

Claude Monet - The Father of Impressionism

I chose Claude Monet as the art lover's coffee mug choice not only for his paintings but also for the interesting life he led. Many people mistakenly assume the paintings so loved today were in demand when he painted them. Actually Monet's paintings were sneered at by the artistic community who labeled him and his fellow painters with the term, Impressionist.

They found his paintings to be messy blobs of color and failed to see how Monet was capturing the moment by impression. His paintings give the impression of a moment of time forever caught on canvas. Water was one of his favorite to paint and he did it over and over, always trying to capture its changing color and the shimmers of sunlight upon it. His moments are perfect for the Chaleur coffee mug collection because they take you away, if only for a moment, from the stress of an early morning rush or the tired calls of a new day.

Note: All of the pictures are the complete painting found on your coffee mug and were taken from I wanted you to appreciate the whole work and not just the part you could see on half your mug. Also, the cover photo is Sunset on the Seine (from by Claude Monet.

Linnea in Monet's Garden
Linnea in Monet's Garden

Linnea in Monet's Garden is a childhood favorite of mine and the perfect book for introducing a child to the works of Monet. Linnea is the main character and the book follows her once in a life time experience of seeing not only the works of Monet but actually visiting many of the places where Monet actually lived.

Monet and His Muse: Camille Monet in the Artist's Life
Monet and His Muse: Camille Monet in the Artist's Life

Camille was Monet's first wife and the subject of paintings like my favorite, The Poppies at Argenteuil. Learn more about the woman behind so many of his paintings in this book.

Monet's Passion: Ideas, Inspiration, and Insights from the Painter's Gardens
Monet's Passion: Ideas, Inspiration, and Insights from the Painter's Gardens

This book gives a closer look into the world of Claude Monet and the beautiful garden he painted over and over in Giverny.

Monet's Garden: Through the Seasons at Giverny
Monet's Garden: Through the Seasons at Giverny

Monet painted the garden at Giverny in all the seasons which makes for a fascinating look at the many different colors and portrayals.


Water Lillies - ~Claude Monet

Monet Water Lilies Chaleur Coffee Mug - Known by Even Non-Artists

Even those with no knowledge of Monet and his paintings can still appreciate and marvel at his water lilies. The impression Monet gives of their beauty is always changing. He painted them in realistic shades, brilliant colors, and at times, they are only recognizable by their description.

Claude Monet - Water Lilies - 14oz Coffee Mug
Claude Monet - Water Lilies - 14oz Coffee Mug

You may be nervous about giving an art gift of Monet's works and if you are then this mug is for you. Monet's water lilies are almost like his signature and most recognizable even amongst non-artists. Plus, they are beautiful to any flower lover and seeing them each morning can be a reminder to one day experience their majesty in person.


Sunset on the Seine - ~Claude Monet

Sunset on the Seine Chaleur Coffee Mug - A Claude Monet Sunset Painting

Monet's sunset paintings are some of his most exquisite and well-known works of art. He brings out the impression of feeling a true sunset by his use of blending, chosen colors, and so much more. The most well-known sunset over the Seine painting is typically Le Petit Palais, Sunset on the Seine, Winter Effect. Instead of choosing the muted colors of the painting (look it up, it's beautiful) the Chaleur opted for this brilliant Sunset on the Seine, a wise color choice with its stunning lively shades.

Claude Monet - Sunset on The Seine - 14oz Coffee Mug
Claude Monet - Sunset on The Seine - 14oz Coffee Mug

This coffee mug is for those who love the water, sailing, sunset, or simply admire the gorgeous shades chosen by Claude Monet. I love his use of warm and cool colors which remind me beautifully (and hopefully you) of fading sunsets across the water.


Dahlias - ~Claude Monet

Dahlias Chaleur Coffee Mug - Painted in 1883

Dahlias is one of Monet's flower paintings which were painted in 1883. This was a year of change in his life and also was when he planted the sprawling garden at Giverny. You can appreciate why he chose Dahlias as the flower for this painting. The Dahlias flower's are stunning hues of oranges and reds which fill the painting with life as they seem to almost spill over the vase capturing them.

Claude Monet - Dahlias - 14oz Coffee Mug
Claude Monet - Dahlias - 14oz Coffee Mug

The Dahlias are a proud and strong flower which blooms throughout the entire summer season. If you cannot enjoy their radiance all summer long in a garden or want to see the stunning work all year long then purchase this coffee mug. Mothers love flowers and Dahlias by Chaleur is like a giving flowers every day.


The Beach at Saint-Adresse - ~Claude Monet

The Beach at Saint-Adresse Chaleur Coffee Mug - Summer of 1867

Claude Monet enjoyed the beauty of Normandy throughout his childhood and teenage years. He saw the quaint fishing villages of his younger years change dramatically into the beach resorts of his adulthood. In the summer of 1867 Monet blended his past memories and the present future with paintings showing local fishermen still persisting in their trade with modern tourists all intermingling on the the beach and waters at Sainte-Adresse.

Nympheas - ~Claude Monet

Nympheas Chaleur Coffee Mug - Monet's Famous Water Lilies

The Nympheas of Claude Monet's garden pond at Giverny would become the focal point in over 250 paintings. They are some of his most fascinating because of the obvious change in painting style which happened when his eyesight began to fade. There are times where the lilies are barely recognizable and others which give such a clear impression you almost feel as though you could reach into his painting and feel their cool petals.

Claude Monet - Nympheas - 14oz Coffee Mug
Claude Monet - Nympheas - 14oz Coffee Mug

The brilliant blues make this chosen painting stand out among Monet coffee mugs. Here you see the water lillies in shades which complement Monet's color choices. Somehow the bright colors seem to raise the spirits of even the darkest (most grouchy) early morning risers.


Poppies at Argenteuil - ~Claude Monet

Poppies at Argenteuil Chaleur Coffee Mug - Painted in 1873

Poppies at Argenteuil is a stunning example of Monet's impressionistic talents. The greens of the grassy field and red-orange of the poppies are equal in their intensity giving an almost magical feel to the field. To an exact painter the poppies look like blurry and messy blobs. When you stand in front of them even now they do but step back and you find a feeling of movement across the field, as though Monet's technique has made them sway like in a summer breeze.

Claude Monet - Poppies at Argenteuil - 14oz Coffee Mug
Claude Monet - Poppies at Argenteuil - 14oz Coffee Mug

Poppies at Argenteuil is my favorite, not only for its beauty, but for the figures painted here. Monet has painted his wife, Camille, and his son, Jean as they stroll through the poppies. Their dark shades only emphasize the beautiful lush colors of the poppies and together make the painting complete. This coffee mug is perfect for a Mother's Day gift or simply an expression of the love and thankfulness you feel everyday towards her.


Nasturtiums in Blue Vase - ~Claude Monet

Nasturtiums in Blue Vase Chaleur Coffee Mug - Painted in 1879

Nasturtiums in a Blue Vase was an earlier flower painting of Monet's which was done before his move to Giverny. Once again Monet shows his love for bright colors in capturing the Nasturtiums seen here. The work is one of his simpler pieces which gives you an appreciation of his ability to paint an array of subjects.

the Pond at Montgeron - ~Claude Monet

The Pond at Montgeron Chaleur Coffee Mug - Painted between 1876-1877 for Ernest Hoschede

Monet was commissioned to paint The Pond at Montgeron for his artistic patron and friend, Ernest Hoschede. Sadly Hoschede's beautiful Monet paintings would be auctioned off after he went bankrupt. Monet's work must have been hard for him to see sold off because looking into the moment of tranquility on the water takes you away to a different place. Monet truly did a wonderful job in trying to capture the ever-changing colors of light and Hoschede was once lucky enough to wake up and see it every morning.

Red Azaleas in a Pot - ~Claude Monet

Red Azaleas in a Pot Chaleur Coffee Mug - Painted in 1883 by Claude Monet

In April of 1883, Claude Monet moved from Poissy to Vernon and finally into a home in Giverny. There he would plant an expansive garden which would become the inspiration for many of his paintings. This painting, Red Azaleas in a Pot, was done in 1883 and is one of his most famous works.

Claude Monet - Red Azaleas in a Pot - 14oz Coffee Mug
Claude Monet - Red Azaleas in a Pot - 14oz Coffee Mug

Red Azaleas in a Pot is just one of Claude Monet's famous flower paintings. The brilliant warm colors have made it the focus of this collector cup by Chaleur. This coffee cup painting is perfect not only for the art lover but also for anyone who loves flowers.


Bright Morning with Willows - ~Claude Monet

Bright Morning with Willows Chaleur Coffee Mugs - Painted 1920-1926 and remains in the Musée de L'Orangerie, Paris

The willows of this painting can be seen at the Musée de L'Orangerie in Paris. The four-paneled work took six years of Monet's life to complete and is almost like a compilation of the impression techniques he mastered throughout his life. If you ever get the chance to visit Paris stop and see the incredible work. You will not be disappointed.

Van Gogh Coffee Mugs by Chaleur on eBay - Yes. The Man Who Did Starry Night and Cut off His Own Ear

The Starry Night is one of the most famous and loved paintings by the eccentric Van Gogh. I love his sunflowers and his starry nights. They are perfect for the art lover within us or just because. One other to reason to love Van Gogh is simply for his unique personality. The man cut off his own ear which is a feat most of us would never ever consider.

Chaleur Renoir Coffee Mugs on eBay - Capture Impressionism at its Finest

I once saw an exhibit in Chicago featuring Renoir paintings from museums all over the world. I will never forget how amazing they appeared and the colors which still remain in my mind. He truly was an immensely talented painter and the works Chaleur captures are as beautiful as those of his fellow painter, Monet. If you have begun to love the works of the Impressionists then a Renoir coffee mug from Chaleur is a must!

Questions? Comments? Favorite Painting or Artist?

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