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Coffee and Chocolate

Updated on May 13, 2013

Coffee and Chcolate are heaven

Its all about Coffee and Chocolate. What is best in the morning? Yessssss, its a cup with hot coffee. And the other yummy and tasty good is, chocolate. They both go hand in hand. What is coffee, you might ask. Coffee is a beverage, that is brewed and has a distinct aroma and a special flavour. The coffee beans are roasted seeds from the coffee plant. The seeds are hidden in coffee cherries. The coffee cherries are growing on a tree or bush.

Brew That Perfect Coffee With An Espresso Machine

Is your daily cup of coffee starting to taste bland? Well, worry no more because you can make the best espresso even at home. Indeed, you can create that café-worthy espresso shot right at your own kitchen. With the right machine, brewing has never been this easier.

Espresso making is an art, and people of today completely appreciate this art. We all need our quick fix. We all need that instant gratification. And what else gives you that excellent punch in the morning than a perfect espresso?

If you are looking for an espresso maker, then you can get it in any size, style and configuration possible. If you live alone, then why not go to the single-cup model? There are also high-end and powerful models that are perfect for busy coffee shops. Your choice will basically depend on how much you can afford and how much you plan to spend.

Espresso machine models range from the old-world piston operated models to the super automatic versions. In fact, there are models that clean themselves. This again comes in different prices. Today’s generation love the instant coffee-maker, of course. Imagine, getting that fresh and wonderful flavor all in one press of a button!

What’s great about having your own espresso maker is that you can use your espresso shots to make a wide range of other drinks. Add in some milk and coffee shavings, and you have got yourself a cappuccino. Mix the milk and the coffee and you have yourself a latte. Add some hot chocolate and you get yourself a café mocha!

So, if you are really a coffee fan, then you might just want to invest in a good coffee marker. It’s the perfect machine to get you going in the morning!

Video MoHow To Make Chocolate Fruit Dips dule

Gourmet Coffee - An Introduction

People all over the world consume five-hundred billion cups of coffee. This number makes it the most popular drink in the planet. For centuries coffee has awoken the senses and lifted the spirits. Served in the morning, afternoon or anytime of the day, this drink has been a staple in many meetings and get-togethers.

Coffee is extracted from coffee cherry seeds, which extensively thrive in numerous countries all across the equator.

Today, people consume more than just regular coffee. They want luxurious and gourmet coffee to entice their senses. In fact, gourmet coffee manufacturers and retailers earn an approximate of $8.5 billion every year. The reason why people pay for their gourmet drink is simple - it tastes definitely better. Coffee connoisseurs look at coffee the same way people do with a good bottle of wine.

Arabica coffee, for example, comes from Arabic trees, which is specially grown on volcanic ash. The trees thrive in cooler climates, providing a lot of moisture resulting to high quality coffee beans. The flavor of balanced coffee is more distinct and is richer than commercialized products.

Not all coffee brands and products can be characterized as "gourmet" because it has to go through the rigorous process of testing. To keep standards high, all brands have to go through the Specialty Coffee Association of America. You can buy gourmet coffee in many cafes, restaurants, specialty shops and grocery stores.

How To Make Home Made Chocolate Frosting

Have A Great Cup With The Bodum Coffee Maker

Coffee lovers understand that getting good coffee is more than just having the right brand. It also involves having the correct equipment. If you are in the market for an excellent coffee machine, then you may just be thinking of Bodum Coffee brands. Founded in Denmark in 1944, Bodum coffee is still being manufactured by their family. The brand is known for manufacturing French coffee presses.

Bodum Coffee produces stylish and functional coffee models. They are perfect to use in any kitchen, whether residential or commercial.

The first Bodum Coffee maker was the Santos model, which was released back in the year 1958. It is still available in stores today. Another model, the Bistro Noveau coffee or tea glass. This model is made from heat resistant glass. It is so functional that you can use it for soup.

Another model, the Eileen, is made from stainless steel. It has the French press design. The Eileen has a square and easy-grip handle and is a common choice for café and bistro owners. Another French press, the Costa Rica 8 is also made from stainless steel. It has an easy-grip handle that is covered with rubber coating. Using this model is very easy and quick. All you have to do is add the ground coffee and hot water. Then, you press the plunger, which results to perfect coffee. If you are always on the go, then you may want to consider the Travel press. This model can hold up to 16 ounces. It can serve as a tea maker and coffee press.

Of course, there is more to Bodum coffee than just coffee makers. They also have coffee grinders, water kettles, espresso machines and milk frothers. You can also purchase accessories for the current models that you have. They also have an excellent storage jar that keeps your coffee dry and fresh tasting. That' definitely good coffee for you!

What Is Raw Chocolate?

How To Make Good Coffee

An entertaining article about making and preparing various types of specialty coffees.

For some reason, there is something really different about the coffee we get from coffee shops. What makes it different from the coffee we brew at home? Well, it is not necessarily the price or the paper cups - but the recipe, the type of coffee that is used and its prettiness factor, of course.

Each coffee shop has a specific style which is followed by the barista. These styles involve the roast, grind, the amount used and water temperature among many other things. I am sure you have tried your best to make your own coffee-shop tasting drink.


To make this drink, pour one part espresso and one part frothed milk. The milk should be on top of the espresso. Dust with cinnamon, nutmeg or chocolate powder.

Café Mocha

To make the best café mocha drink, you should buy a good hot chocolate brand first. Pour the hot chocolate into the glass. Pour in a shot of espresso and top off with whipped cream. You can add chocolate shavings for a finishing touch.


Start by steaming and foaming the milk. Pour equal parts of milk and espresso together so that they infuse with each other. The difference between a latte and a cappucinno is that the latte blends both the milk and coffee together.


The espresso is the base of your coffee drink, but not everybody can make a good one. Making a good espresso requires good coffee bean. Here are some tips to make sure you do not end up with bad espresso:

- Use a fine grind to tamp the espresso firmly

- Using a stove top model or high pressure machine

- Just make enough for you to drink

- Wait for a golden-brown foam to form on top

- Serve the drink on an espresso cup so the temperature stays the same

Making good coffee all depends on how your taste buds react. Thus, you should determine what it is that you like and make your coffee exactly like that. But of course, if you're looking forward to experimenting, then you can learn the basics, which are mentioned above.

Dried Fruits Dipped in Chocolate

Dried Fruits dipped in hot chocolate

Automatic Coffee: Is It A Great Buy?

In this fast paced life, the automatic coffee maker is no longer a luxury but a necessity. I also like hot chocolate, but I definitely need my cup of joe everytime I start my day. While many medical experts may see this as way too early, I can certainly call myself an expert on this subject of coffee.

Last year, I received a Black and Decker and is one of the best coffee makers I have received for a long time. My machine looks pretty mean, with a combination of black plastic and stainless steel. What I like about it is that the box also comes with two lidded mugs. This is perfect because I can brew coffee right into my travel mug and take it with me right away. Perfect when I am rushing for work! All I need to do is simply load it with coffee, place one of the mugs under the machine, press the on button and wait for the liquid to drip.

I also like the fact that this coffee maker is "automatic." It comes with a digital clock and a timer which I can easily set. I have always been lazy in the morning, and loading my maker with coffee grounds and water early in the morning is not really my cup of tea! With that, I can easily program the device to brew at six in the morning, and I have my pot ready just when my alarm tells me to wake up. With my Black and Decker, I no longer have to think about waking up early just to make a cup every again!

Is the Black and Decker worth recommending? Yes it is! It makes an excellent gift for caffeine-fix lovers and can be an excellent gift that you can make for yourself as well!

Any sideeffects?

Sweet, Black and Strong Coffee

You already know it – there is a wide range of coffee, and they are quite exotic tasting. These exotic beans are grown in many places all over the world. Where exactly? Let us go on a tour.

Just like chocolate has its own source, coffee also started from somewhere in the world. And with that, we start with Ethiopia, where Coffee was first grown. Like before, Ethiopia still has many forests with wild coffee trees – just as it was hundreds of years ago.

From coffee’s very humble beginnings it was spread all throughout, and it did indeed spread like wildfire all throughout the whole world. Today, coffee is a commodity which has the second largest global market, second to oil.

Coffee is now cultivated, grown and harvested in 70 countries, all of which are located on or close to the equator. The plant only grows in sub-tropical and tropical agricultural regions, because it needs plenty of rain and sunshine so it can grow.

Presently, Brazil is the largest producer of coffee, taking as much as 28% of all the yield each year. The next country is Columbia, followed by Indonesia and Mexico.

The plant was initially grown on high altitudes, because this method of growing yielded better tasting beans. In Colombia, for example, trees grow on rugged mountain terrain. The slopes of the Mauna Loa volcano in Hawaii are also home to the plant.

Still, coffee has adapted pretty well since it also grows well in hundreds of acres of rolling agricultural land, especially those found in Brazil. The Dutch colonists brought coffee beans to the east, especially to Indonesia, back in the 17th century.

Today, Indonesia is the world’s third largest producer of coffee. Of course, let us not forget Mexico, where most of the coffee is grown in the country’s south area.

With that, you now have a look at the different places where coffee comes from. Indeed, they are grown in different places and in different ways, which explains why you also have different tastes and qualities available.

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      Coffee and chocolate - one of my favourite pairings!

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      really tasty lens, coffee and chocolate are a delight thanks for the info

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