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The Best Drip Coffee Maker With Thermal Carafe

Updated on October 3, 2014

This Top Rated Thermal Carafe Coffee Maker Will Brew The Best Coffee You've Had In Ages

I thought I knew good coffee. I have been making my own coffee at home for years now. With every passing year I get more sophisticated and I upgrade my equipment and process. I know that incrementally I've been brewing better coffee all the time but in late 2012 I finally got my hands on the new(ish) Bonavita 8-Cup Coffee Maker. It replaced a good coffee maker I had been using for a year and a half or so and I'm stunned at the improvement.

This coffee pot not only makes excellent coffee but it makes it fast too. I didn't realize how much flavor I was leaving on the table with my old drip machine that was apparently not heating my water hot enough for a proper brew nor was it extracting flavor from my grind evenly. This alone makes a huge difference in taste.

Bonavita Thermal Carafe Drip Coffee Maker
Bonavita Thermal Carafe Drip Coffee Maker

For one the BV1800 from Bonavita is a drip coffee maker meaning some coffee snobs would snub it regardless of it's quality and the coffee it makes but for me I was excited because it finally got me into a coffee maker that didn't have a hot plate. It brews coffee directly into a thermal insulated carafe.

This coffee maker also was an upgrade for me in regards to the drip itself. Instead of a simple center drip into the filter basket the stream of hot water drips as a shower-head would leaving no area of coffee grind lacking for hot water. As much as I've hate to admit it I've never owned a coffee machine with a wide shower head drip system.

I've know well and good for a long time that you can't brew a good cup of coffee without fresh grind (and plenty of it) but you also can't brew a good cup with water that isn't up to temperature. This unit has delivered very well on this front and it's actually one of the main selling features of the coffee maker per Bonavita packaging. It heats water up to 200+ degrees every time, perfect for flavor extraction.

Bonavita BV1800 - My Favorite Thermal Carafe Coffee Maker

I've never spent more money on a single coffee item in my life but amazingly this coffee maker is far less expensive than other similar models. I like it much better on paper the more expensive models and my experiences with it haven't disappointed me yet. I also find it interesting that despite it's price point it's one of the highest rated drip coffee makers on the market - even when compared to the models priced twice as high.

Bonavita BV1800TH 8-Cup Coffee Maker with Thermal Carafe
Bonavita BV1800TH 8-Cup Coffee Maker with Thermal Carafe

The coffee maker brews straight into a well made insulated carafe. When you seal the carafe after brewing your coffee will stay piping hot for hours, far longer than you'd like to keep a glass pot on a hot plate.


More Top Quality Insulated Carafe Coffee Makers

The Best Alternatives To The BV1800

I know I like the coffee machine featured above best of all but I know it's lacking some features that other people may find far more important than I do. For one it doesn't have a clock or timer and the brewing cycle can't be paused - a feature many coffee pots include. Neither of these are important to me but to some they are deal breakers.

Below I've featured 5 more of the best selling thermal carafe coffee machines on the market. I've taken the liberty to filter out those that have poor reviews and I've tried to include some coffee makers that are both cheaper and more expensive for variety sake. In all cases each of the following machines are drip systems with thermal carafe pots.

Cuisinart Thermal 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker

Technivorm Moccamaster Coffee Brewer With Thermo Carafe

BUNN ST Velocity Brew 10-Cup Thermal Carafe Brewer

Breville YouBrew Drip Coffee Maker With Grinder (BDC600XL)

Melitta 10-Cup Thermal Coffeemaker (46894)

Bonavita Drip Coffee Maker (BV1800)
Bonavita Drip Coffee Maker (BV1800)

My Experience With The Bonavita BV1800 Coffeemaker

First of all I've noted above some of the things that I care a lot about as well as a few of the things I don't care so much about. Above all I care about flavor. As I get older I'm getting pickier and pickier about the flavor of my coffee and I'm very pleased with what I'm getting from this unit.

Second of all it's important to know that I am a lazy man. I like good coffee; I want to make good coffee but I'm not a happy guy in the morning and I don't like spending the time necessary to prepare the best coffee under the sun. I know that freshly ground beans will give me the best flavor and I know that I can usually get better flavor by boiling water and pouring it out of a drip kettle through a ceramic funnel into an insulated mug or using a high end french press but come on - I may like coffee but I don't have that kind of time. I want a drip machine that i can hit a button and come back six minutes later after I've opened up the morning paper.

For me the biggest thing I've liked about this coffee maker is that it reliably gives me better coffee with no added effort on my part. I don't ever use a timer on my coffee pots and this one doesn't even have one. If that matters to you then let me point you in another direction but the only complaint I've had so far is that the thermal carafe doesn't seal automatically. I know this is a feature than none of the alternatives have either but I swear if someone were to invent that feature it' would be awesome.

All in all I've had no complaints. The insulation in the carafe is top notch. It's probably not as good as my to-go Thermos bottle but it's perfectly adequate for use around the house. A single carafe will stay comfortably hot for the entire morning and into the early afternoon if I let it sit that long. The water delivery system is secure. I've had no leakage. Even the basket is insulated so that hot water stays hot during extraction. This is a feature I didn't even know was there until after I used the pot at home.

My only piece of advice is this. make sure you use a good mug with this coffee. The taste of coffee it brews is awesome, don't ruin it by pouring it into a cheap plastic travel mug for the road. Get a good insulated ceramic desk mug and a top of the line Thermos for the road and don't look back.

A Video Review Of The Bonavita 1800

A Better Cup Of Coffee Is A Hotter Cup Of Coffee

The following pages feature some of my favorite travel coffee mugs, tumblers, and vacuum sealed bottles. if you are going to take your coffee out on the road make sure to keep it hot. Check out the following pages for more help in choosing the right mug.

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Top Of The Line Coffee Makers

The following are top of the line drip coffee makers. They are not necessarily thermal carafe pots however. You can also use the search box below to narrow your search down even further.

The coffee maker featured on this page is a mid-range device. There are many others far more expensive but this in my opinion provides the most value. Even still it's not for everyone. What coffee maker would you get if price wasn't a concern?

What Insulated Carafe Coffee Maker Do You Like The Best?

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