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Funny Coffee Mugs

Updated on September 10, 2014

Coffee Mugs to Start Your Day Off With a Laugh

One of my obsessions is collecting coffee mugs that make me laugh. I always make sure that I laugh within half an hour of waking up. These mugs are some of my favorite mugs that I've come across and bought...or intend to buy in the near future. If you're looking for a lighthearted gift for a coffee loving loved one or co-worker, you'll probably find something here. Of course when you talk about what's funny and what isn't the opinion always varies. I have encountered incredibly crude coffee mugs that just aren't my personal style (they would also probably be banned by Squidoo!). I selected mugs for this lens that are more likely to give you a good laugh in the morning. I consider it the goal of these coffee mugs to brighten a person's day. You can't put a price tag on that.

funny coffee mugs - brass knuckles coffee mug
funny coffee mugs - brass knuckles coffee mug

How to Choose Which Coffee Mug They'll Enjoy Most:

For Co-Workers:

Co-workers usually enjoy coffee mugs that will make them laugh, as long as it doesn't come at their expense. Finding a coffee mug that reminds them of their passions, like golfing will increase the chances that they'll truly appreciate the gift.

For Your Spouse:

The gift-giving stakes are raised when it comes to your significant other because they expect you to know more about them than a co-worker would (which you probably do). The best bet is to go for a funny mug that you are certain both of you would find funny. If your husband absolutely loves watching shark week, then the shark mug below is a great gift for him.

Ultimately though it depends on the person's individual personality. They may have a weird sense of humor, which makes giving funny gifts difficult. Sometimes you just have to take a risk and hope they like it! People tend to worry more than they need to when deciding on the perfect gift for people. Take a deep breath, relax, and have some fun!

Brass Knuckles Coffee Mug

Fred FISTICUP Ceramic Knuckleduster Mug
Fred FISTICUP Ceramic Knuckleduster Mug

This mug will help everyone around you understand that you mean business. The handle is crafted to look like brass knuckles. It makes you feel like you're getting ready for a fight. This is actually a great gift for someone in a high pressure job environment like sales or stock trading. You get a little boost of testosterone every time you take a sip.

The mug is made of ivory ceramic construction and, because of the metallic handle, is not microwave safe.

drink selector funny coffee mug
drink selector funny coffee mug

Drink Selector Coffee Mug

File This Under: Neat Idea

If you're tired of always explaining how you like your coffee, you can use this mug to let them know every time. Simply slide the metallic rings around until you have the right combination for yourself. This is useful if you have assistants or polite co-workers that offer to get you coffee. Now you can simply point to the mug when they ask how you like your coffee.

"You May Speak Now" Coffee Mug

Twisted Envy Funny You May Speak Now Ceramic Funny Mug
Twisted Envy Funny You May Speak Now Ceramic Funny Mug

Wake up slowly? This coffee mug will let people know when they can approach you.


Hand Grenade Coffee Mug

BigMouth Inc Grenade Mug - "Take a Number" Ceramic Funny Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate Mug Gift
BigMouth Inc Grenade Mug - "Take a Number" Ceramic Funny Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate Mug Gift

The humor isn't subtle with this one. Anyone who has worked in customer service understands the subversive satisfaction of this coffee mug.


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See These Coffee Mugs in Action!

Camera Lens Coffee Mug

Generic Thermo Lens Mug, 16oz
Generic Thermo Lens Mug, 16oz

The camera lens coffee mug is a great gift for the amateur (or professional) photographer in your family. My favorite part is the cookie holder that slides out next to your coffee. Photographers will definitely love it...unless they accidentally take the mug instead of their favorite lens to a photoshoot!


Insane Mug by GeekyHeroes

This is a mug I actually created in my Zazzle Store. My girlfriend is a little insane, and she's proud of that (I am too!). I got her this for her birthday.

Coffee Talk: Comments Are Welcome!

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    • profile image

      TheCoffeeConnoisseur 5 years ago

      Very cool lens. As I mentioned above, I love the grenade mug. Working for the public definitely makes us feel that way sometimes ; ) Will come back often.

    • konacoffeeaddicts profile image

      konacoffeeaddicts 5 years ago

      @Onemargaret LM: Thank you!!

    • Onemargaret LM profile image

      Onemargaret LM 5 years ago

      Real cool lens!

    • konacoffeeaddicts profile image

      konacoffeeaddicts 5 years ago

      @Lenskeeper: That one might be my favorite too (besides the "insane" mug, which I made, so it doesn't count)!

    • Lenskeeper profile image

      Lenskeeper 5 years ago

      Funny! I especially like the camera lens coffee mug!

    • CruiseReady profile image

      CruiseReady 5 years ago from East Central Florida

      The golf putter mug is really cute!

    • profile image

      marsha32 5 years ago

      I need the one that says Insane about right now LOL

    • profile image

      glowchick 5 years ago

      These are funny, thanks for sharing :)