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coffee review quality versus commercial brands and how they are harvested

Updated on September 2, 2012


Berries on a tree of ripe coffee beans
Berries on a tree of ripe coffee beans | Source

The home of quality coffee is located in the subtropical climate of Jamaica.

A magazine for travel this photo is for interest purposes only.
A magazine for travel this photo is for interest purposes only. | Source

How quality coffee is harvested brings interesting facts about the differences between commercial coffee and premium brands.

Quality coffee is harvested in sub tropical regions and hand picked by farm workers. A coffee bean is actually a berry that grows on a tree. When the berry is fully ripen it has a bright red color.

Quality coffee brands are hand picked and assorted by color to get the same exact taste each time. The process involves removing any coffee beans that were damaged as farmers carefully sift the coffee beans. The color of the coffee bean berry actually turns brown and has round circular dimensions.

Tasters conduct a coffee sip taste test that is similar to wine testers. Each quality coffee flavor gets tested for potency and richness. The important part of a coffee taste tester is to make sure that the flavors are properly categorized to get the same exact taste for each brand of coffee that is harvested.

Quality coffee is grown in subtropical climates in the mountains or foothills of the tropics. South America also has the preferred sub tropical climates to grow and harvest quality coffee.

Problems with commercial brands of coffee.

One of the main differences of commercial coffee is that the coffee bean is small with a dimple and is has a dark brown color. Problems associated with commercial coffee is the cleaning of the conveyor belt. With the invention of mass production assembly line brought many food borne illnesses have been directly associated with the mold on conveyor belts. Over time food regulations have solved this problem. Commercial coffee is one of the most common restaurant illness associated with the cleaning of coffee pots as well as teas. This is due in part to fungus and mold that grows and some food restaurants even go as far as cleaning with bleach chemicals.

Taste of commercial coffee and the variety of flavors has also improved. However, one of the main concerns lay in moderation levels. A new label of all commercial brands has been limiting the potency to only moderate levels. This only supports the mass production concept by offering larger containers of coffee as well as more two for one specials to get people to buy more coffee.

Variety of commercial coffee and other brands in grocery stores has been tremendous. Once gain the problem is that customers are left with the tedious task of grinding the coffee beans while in the grocery store. Even though grinding coffee beans is a great service by grocery stores it is very time consuming.

How to naturally clean the coffee maker.

Use natural vinegar instead of chemicals. Fill the coffee pot with vinegar and then flush a couple pots of water to clear out the vinegar taste. This is a safe method to cleaning out the grains that get stuck in the coffee machine tubes and it is cost effective.

Coffee question

Are people buying larger quantities of commercial coffee brands?

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