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The Many Hats of Brew2us founder

Updated on July 5, 2016

The Many Hats

No Hat

It's dark, the sound of the box fan fills the room, it's a little cool in the room but perfect under the covers. I hear the sound of my alarm, frantically searching for it in the dark before it wakes my husband or our youngest child who always finds his way to our bed in the middle of the night. I glance at my phone, it's 4am. It cannot be time to get up, I feel like I just laid down to sleep. Just a few more, buzz, buzz, it's now 4:15 and I have to get up! As I shuffle up the stairs, the first thing I do is make my morning coffee. I stand, eyes closed, waiting for it to fill up my mug, add the cream and sit down at the

kitchen table with my laptop.

Student Hat

As my eyes begin to open a bit, I open the laptop. It feels like I have a million assignments left and never enough hours in my day to complete them, let alone do them well. I sit and work for an hour or two, time goes by so fast. I realize it's now 6 am and I have to change hats!

Mom Hat

I hustle around the room, turning on lights and waking up the kids. We have to hurry before I'm late for work. Darling, here are your clothes. Buddy, your shoes are by the stairs. Don't forget to brush your teeth! (wait, did I brush my teeth? I better do it again just in case). Let's fix our hair, tie our shoes, grab your toys we have to go. Wait - breakfast! I rush around the kitchen looking for apples, bananas, anything easy that can be eaten on the go. Out the door and to the babysitters we go!!

Work Hat

I rush through the parking lot and into the company door, up the elevator, across the building to my desk outside the office of the CIO. I check the time, whew, 8:01. For the next 8-9 hours I spend zipping though my department, paying invoices, helping associates, putting out fires, organizing, ordering food, preparing as the team gets ready to hit a huge project milestone. It's 5:30 and I have to go!

Mom Hat

I hurry home, thankfully my husband already picked up the kids from daycare. I walk through the doors, feet aching from the heals I've ran in all day. I drop my purse, kick off my shoes and open the fridge - supper time. Dinner is served, table is cleaned, dishes are washed and I check the time. Bath time. Okay kids - time for your baths. Everyone is clean and in their pajamas, lights out! I would love to flop down on the couch but...

Student Hat

I sit down at the table, open the laptop and once again, try to knock out a few more assignments while my brain is still somewhat functioning. One hour, two hours, I'm fried and cannot think anymore. I'm ready to call this day done and off to bed I go.

And the cycle continues!

This is just a peek into the life of Cindy, founder of Brew2us.

What hats are you wearing?


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