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Commercial Fryers

Updated on January 18, 2013

Essential Restaurant Kitchen Equipment :: Buying A Commercial Deep Fat Fryer

Just about any business that serves food today will require one type or another of commercial deep fryers. Serving menu items like jalapeno poppers, fried cheese, french fries, onion rings, hushpuppies, chicken fingers and nuggets to just give you an idea how important owning one of these fryers can be for your restaurant or lunch café.

Shopping for an electric fryer should be based on your financial capability, and minimum workload that will be focused on the appliance. Most likely, you will not need anything like the type of fryer a fast-food restaurant requires to operate daily. This is definitely a product that will want to purchase new, as used units usually cannot be brought back to their original OEM state of operation.

The biggest downfall of successfully keeping an electric fryer in operation for years and years is the fact that proper cleaning and maintenance is almost never performed on these units.

Cost of ownership with an electric fryer is more sweat equity than most commercial kitchen appliances. People generally want to avoid the hassle of filtering the cooking oil or replacing the shortening completely with new. Instead, most employees take the shortcut of just adding more oil to bring it back up the minimum level required for operation.

When your fryer is delivered and the installation is completed. Have your supplier’s representative come out with a technician to train you and your employees on the proper procedures for cooking, and maintaining the unit to maximize the fryers life expectancy.

It will be a good idea to videotape the entire session to help train new employees in the future. Remember your employees will only take these procedures as seriously as you do. Keeping a clipboard with a cleaning, and maintenance log next to the unit that employees sign off on as cleaning, filtering, and preventative maintenance is performed will go a long way in making sure the work is performed.The deep fat fryer will invariably sit close to the commercial griddles, so these can be combined.

Visually check, that all required procedures have been carried out to the letter. Buying extra accessories for your fryer can help during a mealtime rush. Extra baskets can be pre-staged with your most popular food items, so when the first baskets are ready to come out of the fryer, the next ones can be lowered and start cooking immediately. Your deep fryer attendant can then empty the baskets of cooked food and refilling them for the next round.

Commercial Fryers
Commercial Fryers


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  • ProKitchen profile image

    ProKitchen 7 years ago from New York, NY

    Absolutely - It needs changing regularly - especially if using it to cook fish or other seafoods.

  • Juliette Morgan profile image

    Juliette Morgan 7 years ago

    Hi, yes most restaurants don't change the oil enough which is why the food tastes bad and is tainted - very important to maintain high standards of hygiene and flavoursome food.