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Commercial Griddles For Sale

Updated on February 13, 2013

Buying A Commercial Griddle :: Are Used Commercial Griddles A Safe Bet?

Depending on what your hours of operation are, and what meals are served may dictate the need for a commercial griddles. Breakfast and lunchtime meals will benefit greatly when you have a griddle at your disposal and deciding between a used commercial griddle or a new one.

Cooking items like pancakes, sausage patties or links, bacon, hash browns, and heating up breakfast burritos before being served make a griddle a necessity. During your lunch rush, a griddle will make short order of cooking hamburgers, hotdogs, breaded chicken breasts, and seared vegetables.

During dinner time, you can utilized this appliance to make appetizers, like Italian sausage links, quesadillas, and other items that require browning, and melting cheese before serving it up to your hungry patrons.

You will need to make sure you have enough kitchen real estate underneath your exhaust vent hoods, and the appropriate electrical wiring, or natural gas piping to complete the installation before putting the griddle into action.

Your supplier can give you the name of a qualified contractor to complete the installation, as most restaurateurs have no idea on how to perform such tasks. The city building and code enforcement inspector may need to pay you a visit to insure the equipment is installed properly and meets their specifications.

Choosing a new griddle is straightforward, talking to your supplier’s sales person to help narrow the selection process. They will want to know if you plan to use a gas or electric griddle and it is important to have your commercial kitchen design all laid out beforehand.

The capacity you will need to support the workflow based on your client volume, and of course, your budget will be the final determining factor in the purchase process. Griddles have an amazingly huge price range starting at the eight hundred dollar area and reaching up to the twelve thousand dollar range.

This is why it is so important to talk to a seasoned professional about selecting the proper range for your kitchen. There is always the conundrum of buying new or used, and griddles are just as susceptible to this debate.

Purchasing a new griddle will provide you with a handsome manufacturers warranty, a clean smooth cooking surface that is not pitted and scarred from years of use, and you know every part of the appliance will be in working order. Buying a used griddle can be much like playing the lottery, and your chances are slim that you will end up with a unit that will be trouble free even right after the purchase.

Commercial; Griddles
Commercial; Griddles


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