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Commercial Kitchen Design

Updated on May 17, 2010

Building an institutional kitchen to serve a large number of employees, or patients in a hospital requires thousands of variables to be addressed. Custom industrial or commercial kitchen floor plans can run in the tens of thousands of dollars to be produced. Not only knowing exacting specifications to support the volume of prepared food that needs to be produced, but also the proper locations of equipment for an optimized work flow.

An industrial kitchen will be subjected to not only local health department rules and specifications, but possibly, on a federal level depending on the type of business the facility will be located in. The plans will not only included specific types of appliances, but detailed information for contractors installing the plumbing, electrical, natural gas, fire suppression, and refrigeration. After the client has given approval for the final plans, the process of getting everything approved by all government agencies involved with this project can take months, and even up to a year to get all necessary approvals to move forward.

During this time, the designer will interact with the agencies concerned and will submit revisions to insure approval by all parties. The plans may have dozens or even hundred of revisions before a green light is given to start construction on the kitchen.

Commercial Kitchen Floor Plans
Commercial Kitchen Floor Plans

Before the actual construction starts, the architecture firm will submit the final revised plan to the planning team that is in charge of overseeing the construction, and financial health of the project. Any budget changes and major design revisions will have to be approved by the oversight committee before moving forward.

A liaison will usually be chosen to communicate with the designer, general contractor, and management to make sure everyone has the same information, and are alerted when changes need to be made to the plans or equipment that will be installed.

These plans will have well over a hundred copies made by the end of the construction project, due to the fact that any company, government agency, insurance company, and other ancillary support companies will need these on file for their own reference in the future.

Ultimately the final plans will be archived at the city level so that city engineers can have access to them for future changes to the sub terrain of the property the kitchen is located on – like access or drainage tunnels, waste and freshwater delivery systems, and other unforeseen issues that may arise in the future.


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