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Commercial Kitchen Lighting Fixtures

Updated on January 18, 2013

Restaurant Equipment ::Lighting Help Sets The Mood For Your Guests

The main items to plan for when designing a restaurant, include the best location, type of food to be served, and the desired atmosphere. Proper restaurant equipment lighting is a very important part of a restaurant’s atmosphere.

Lighting is also, one of the items most often found at the bottom of the, to do list. Popular restaurants have well thought out plans for proper lighting in the kitchen, serving, and dining areas and the lighting needs to be radically different for each area. From the exterior lighting, all the way through to the kitchens - each area has different requirements.

Lighting sets the atmosphere or ambiance of a business, and will have a lot to do with whether or not customers return. The first thing to consider when choosing the proper lighting for your new restaurant is that it matches the mood and type of service you want to offer.

Bright lighting is great for a relaxed, homey, fun type of atmosphere, a great place for families with children will want to come. The most popular family style restaurants will have larger tables, no tablecloths, paper napkins, cups and sometimes even paper plates and plastic utensils.

Softer lighting will create a feeling of romance, serenity and quiet ambiance, to the room. A restaurateur, that wishes to draw a more formal type of crowd, will choose to have cloth tablecloths and napkins, matching fine china dinnerware, glassware and silverware. The lighting with be softer, possibly dark, with candles on the tables, and intimate tables that seat two or four people at a time.

This type of atmosphere is mostly for couples who want a quiet place where they can just talk or celebrate a romantic evening out. A third type of lighting, which is not so soft or bright, is a great atmosphere created for business people. Many a business deal has been made in fine dining restaurants that have a bit of a relaxed and formal atmosphere. These restaurants have lighting that is not so bright it blinds, and not so dark that you can see still the person across the table.

Once the lighting has been established and achieved for the dining area, it is time to think about the lighting and set up for the serving area. The serving area is where the food is prepared and set up for the servers to take it to the customers. You will want to be sure that the lighting and set up for this area is efficient and allows easy viewing of the commercial convection oven..

Bright lighting and proper organization will ensure that your customers will get their food and anything else they may need in a timely manner that will keep them happy and make their visit a pleasant one. The proper lighting can make or break your dreams of a successful restaurant.

Restaurant Lighting Supplies
Restaurant Lighting Supplies


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