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Commercial Kitchen and Restaurant Quality Mixers

Updated on January 18, 2013

Heavy Use Restaurant Equipment :: Mixers

Just about every commercial grade kitchen has one or more mixers in the kitchen. Some are used to mix light applications like making mashed potatoes, or mixing small amounts of cake batter. Heavy use restaurant equipment mixers come into play for bakeries, and food manufacturers that produce high volumes of dough and other mixtures like fudge.

With prices that in five to ten thousand dollar range, this is quite an investment in to your business and you want to make sure that the right correct product is being selected before the purchase is final. There are some bargains to be had though Ebay auctions - especially in these tough economic times.

Some brands that should be considered, due to their mainstay in the market place, and providing excellent customer service are: Hobart, Axis, Dooyan, Dynamic, Globe, Hamilton Beach, Lincoln Redco, and Varimixer.

These makers of commercial mixers have proven themselves over several decades and produce the quality products needed to run your business’ mixing needs day in and day out. These companies usually have independent sales reps all over the country, and they can come to your business and help you access what type, and size mixer will accommodate your needs, now and in the future. They can also tell you about the manufacturer warranty, and if any extended service contracts are available.

Before committing yourself to such a large purchase, ask the your sales rep if you could see one of their clients operating the equipment you are considering. The little road trip to investigate the proposed product will let you see the mixer in action.

Also, talking to the owner of the mixer will give you miles of insight on how you will be treated after the sale is final. Also, ask about restaurant equipment parts, and optional attachments that you may need, and what a service call and parts replacement will cost if not under contract.

Find out what the installation requirements for the mixer are to see if any additional costs will be incurred to get the unit operating. Usually any commercial mixer under two horsepower will only require a one hundred and twenty volt power receptacle.

Two horse power and above will warrant having a special two hundred and forty volt, sixteen and half amp commercial receptacle installed. You should call on local commercial electricians for quotes on this process.

Additional work at your breaker panel, and running the required wiring will be necessary for this type of installation. With proper maintenance, and care of use these mixers will give you decades of use with few problems.

Hobart Mixer Parts
Hobart Mixer Parts


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    8 years ago

    listen to this guy, he knows what he's talking about!


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