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Commercial Trough Sinks

Updated on January 18, 2013

Create An Extra Prep Area With Restaurant KitchenTrough Sinks

Expanding your café’s kitchen to accommodate more production is a sign of success, and you want to chose the right component to catapult that success even farther. When choosing additional equipment for prep areas, commercial grade trough sinks made a great addition to any restaurant kitchen.

These sinks are rectangular and are long and narrow. They fit under counter tops, or at home in the center of a stainless steel table.

Trough sinks are at home with any kitchen project that comes up, but are mostly used for vegetable preparation. In addition, these sinks work great behind bars for washing glasses, and prepping fruit for garnishment. Trough sinks come in a variety of sizes to fit just about any situation that you are considering. From thirty-three inches to sixty inches in length, and the depth varies from each manufacturer.

Materials used in creating these sinks are stainless steel, copper, stone, hand rubbed bronze, and poured cement. Custom faux granite sinks are available at a premium as well. The most likely candidate for a commercial kitchen application will of course be stainless steel. Stainless will outlast the other mentioned materials, and will be easier to keep clean and sanitized than more porous construction material.

Depending on if you are going for a utilitarian approach or want your trough sink to stand out as a work of art and design will dictate pricing. Stainless steel sinks prices run from the low end of about three hundred and twenty five dollars, and upwards to the eight hundred dollar area. Specialty sinks that are hand made from bronze or copper will cost upwards of the two thousand dollar range.

Depending on clearance, you always want to get a matching faucet with highest possible reach from the sink to allow for tall objects that need to be cleaned or prepped. Kohler seems to have the largest selection of trough sinks available, and more manufactures are getting on board to create even more innovative products, and competition, which will lower prices in the future. As always - buying them through ebay auctions is a safe bet and way of saving money and often one finds  a commercial refrigerator at the same time..

Conventional stainless steel sinks will always work for most applications, but trough sinks will work with special space constraints, while trying to create additional workflow without disturbing the existing equipment that is permanently installed.

A safe bet to research this sink technology is to visit high-end home shows, and local home improvement stores to get an idea of what you will want to purchase. Then you will want to contact your kitchen equipment supplier with your derived specifications.

commercial stainless steel sinks
commercial stainless steel sinks
Commercial undercounter trough sink
Commercial undercounter trough sink


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