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Commercial Water Saving Devices

Updated on January 18, 2013

Conservation of Water :: Water Saving Ideas For Restaurants and Commercial Kitchens

These days we hear a lot about our environment and suggestions on how we can change our habits to become more environmentally friendly. One of our more important resources is water. In the United States, Americans use approximately thirty five billion gallons of water a day.

The main area where water is used is kitchens, bathrooms, and outside for landscaping. Think about it, most businesses utilize all three of these areas of water usage, especially restaurants. Restaurants constantly use water in every aspect of what makes them successful, cooking, drinking, cleaning and maintenance of their landscape.

What can be a more important way to help our environment than by water saving equipment used in a restaurant? The restaurateur who wants to conserve our natural resources will purchase equipment that will use less electricity and water.

This type of equipment may be more expensive, but will save money on the utility bills in the end, while conserving water and electric. Business owners can also set up training programs for their employees to make them more environmentally conscious while they are at work. In addition to these ideas, a restaurant owner can conserve resources in other areas of the restaurant

In the two main areas, the kitchen and serving station, prevent any over use of water for pitchers and glasses, by turning off the continuous flow features of any of the faucets or fountains. It is possible to purchase fountains and sinks with a feature that will allow you to set the flow to be a predetermined amount in order to prevent waste of water because of pitchers or glasses running over.

In the kitchen there are now water saving faucets and nozzles, installed, especially in the dishwashing area. The best way to get dishes clean in a busy place like a restaurant is to rinse them off before putting them in the dishwasher. Pre rinsing the dishes will help the dishwasher do its job as efficiently as possible the first time. An energy saving nozzle with a power wash feature installed in the rinsing area, can reduce water usage by as much as 50% per day and combined with commercial kitchen floor tiles, makes an extremely functional workspace.

In the restroom areas, it is important to repair any leaking toilets or sinks immediately, as much as seventy-five gallons of wasted water per week is due to leaking faucets or toilets. Other preventive measures include replacing worn our water fixtures, with those designed to conserve water.

The installation of aerators, electronic sensors, timers on the faucets is just a few of the other options available to help conserve water. If we would all do just a little to help our environment, we will be able to conserve our resources and save money at the same time.

Commercial water savers
Commercial water savers


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