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Comparing the Keurig Vue Brewers for Home Use

Updated on May 21, 2013

A Comparison of the Keurig Vue Coffee Makers

Keurig introduced their Vue brewing systems a while ago and is continuing to build out their line of Vue based brewers. The first system that was introduced was the Keurig Vue V700 which was designed for home use. It was then followed by the first office brewing system, the V1255.

The V600 and finally the latest model, the Vue V500 brewer, followed these two initial models. Thereâs also an additional office brewer available, the V1200. The comparison below focuses on the three home brewing systems, the V500, V600, and the V700.

Keurig Vue V500
Keurig Vue V500

What are Vue Brewers?

The Vue brewing systems are somewhat of an evolution to the K-Cups. They address some of the weak points of the K-Cup brewing systems while keeping all the conveniences. The biggest differences are that you can brew a cup of your beverage to your liking.

Many of the K-Cup brewers offered to brew different sizes and some offered variations in the brewing temperature. The Vue brewing systems offer a wide range of brew sizes as well as a rather wide range of brewing temperatures that go up to 197° F which comes very close to the optimum brewing temperature for coffee.

Depending on the brewer you can also brew cup sizes ranging from 4 oz. up to 18 oz. Even a rather large travel mug can be filled in one brew cycle, which is rather convenient.

Three Different Models of Vue Coffee Makers

As already mentioned, there’s currently three different Vue brewers for home use. They all use the Vue system to brew your beverage and offer a similar brewing experience.

The Vue V700 brewer is the high-end model in the lineup. It offers a large water tank with a capacity of 74oz. and a programmable color display. You can brew beverages in eight (!) different sizes. The brew sizes are 4 oz, 6 oz, 8 oz, 10 oz, 12 oz, 14 oz, 16oz and 18 oz. There’s practically no size that’s not available with this brewer. You can also brew over ice for your iced beverages.

Being able to vary the temperature as well as the brew strength allows you to make your perfect beverage. The temperature can be varied between 187° F to 197° F.

The Vue brewing technology also allows to set the brewing strength. This is not simply done by using less water but by changing the brewing time, water temperature, the inclusion of air into the brewing cycle and by using a pulsing brew instead of a steady stream.

The Vue V600 is basically the same brewer as the V700. The main difference being that some chrome looking handles are kept in black and that the display is not a color display but a black and white display. The two brewers are identical otherwise with the V600 being around $10 cheaper than the V700.

The newest model is the Vue V500. It is smaller than the V700 and needs a little less counter space. The water reservoir measures 60 oz. compared to the 74 oz. of the V600/V700. The V500 also ‘only’ brews seven different sizes from 4 oz. to 16 oz. This means that the 18 oz. brewing size is missing.

The brewing speed and settings otherwise are the same as you find them on the V600/V700. If you want to save around $ 30 compared to the V700 and don’t need the 18 oz. size or the larger water tank then the V500 is a perfect choice for you. If you have a lot of coffee or tea drinkers in your house hold then you might want to consider either the V600 or the V700 as they do offer the larger water reservoir. This simply means that you don’t have to refill the tank that often.

I personally am happy with the features that the V500 offers. I don’t need an 18 oz. cycle and I don’t drink enough cups in a day as that it would make a difference for me regarding the refilling of the water tank. All I care about is that I get a great cup of coffee and that is basically guaranteed with the Vue V500!

Keurig Vue Packs

The selection below certainly aren't all the different Vue varieties you can get. Check out more different Vue beverages on Amazon!

Have you used a Keurig Vue Coffee Maker before? Which one was it? What did you like or dislike?

Which Vue Brewer do you like best?

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