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Cookie Recipe Collection

Updated on August 21, 2014

Online Cookie Recipe Collection

Cookies are some of the most popular types of comfort food choices for multitudes of individuals and families. Just about everyone loves one type of cookie recipe or another. Some people love every type of cookie. We love cookies around our house too, and most likely you love cookies and cookie recipes too.

Here, you will find all the different types of cookies recipes I like and thought you might like too.

This online cookie recipe collection is a work in progress, so check back later to find even more cookie recipe ideas as we find and include them here for you and your family.

A special thank you to Morguefile for photo use.

Cute Gift Ideas

...make someone smile today...

Some really cute gift ideas for those who love to collect cookie recipes are on postcards as well as magnets. Enjoying different recipes can be so much fun!

Strawberry Cookie Balls Postcard

You can keep all the cookie recipes you collect and love so well by adding them to a cute binder. These are some really cute gift ideas I think.

Christmas Cookie Recipe Binders

Fortune Cookie Recipe Plate

Image the fun of serving your favorite treats on a cute cookie recipe plate. They are fun to use and make a really useful and fun gift idea for anyone on your gift giving lists regardless of the season or the reason.

Turtle Cookie Balls Postcard

Sharing recipes can be a real ball when you make and then share the different kinds of sweets you love. Another idea might be to send your favorite cookie maker a recipe postcard to let him or her know what kind of cookies you might like them to make so everyone can enjoy.

Lemon Bars Fridge Magnet

Frig magnets are always a popular gift idea. You can display your favorite recipes on the frig and then have them close at hand when it is time to make cookies. These make great gift ideas for mom, grandmother or even aunts. Anyone who loves to make these types of delicious snacks and treats will absolutely adore these kinds of useful frig magnets.

Gingerbread House Holiday Recipe Binder

What is Your Favorite Cookie Recipe?

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