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Cooking Classes-What method of learning is best for you?

Updated on June 21, 2012

Cooking is a skill that is learned over time. Some people have more of a passion and knack for just throwing things together and can immediately just pick up the cooking basics of cutting, mixing and plating. Others need to have a little guidance for what types of foods go well together and the best ways they should be prepared. For this,cooking classes are the best thing to participate in. But we all live busy lives these days. Many people have to work full time jobs and cannot afford to go out to school during the week or even have the extra money for classes or babysitting. So what can you do?

Many people can just read a recipe and just follow it through, grab ideas from it and move on. Others are visual learners and need to watch someone prepare something before they can fully grasp the steps and the way things need to be done to look the proper way. Thanks to modern technology and sites like Youtube, people can now find cooking technique videos for almost everything they want to learn and sit down and watch while they either take notes or follow along if they have all the ingredients on hand and are ready to just dive in.

You can also find sites that offer free classes as well if you do a search. I have managed to find a few goodies online. Also, if you like watching Masterchef Australia,they also throw in some Master classes where you can learn how to make yummy dishes from some of the best chefs who have been all around the world.

One thing I like to do is take quizzes. One of the best ways to test your memory is by doing little mini tests. These are the best when learning basic skills. You can find some that are multiple choice, drawing lines to match the left side question to the right side answer, tons of graphics and more to make them fun and help you retain all you need to to fully grasp each step you are learning.

Whether you choose to go to a culinary school and receive a degree and move on to work in some top restaurants, or you learn what you can and open up a little bakery, or make things and sell them at the kids school events or other fundraisers, the choice is yours and how you think you will learn the most in the way that fits the best into your lifestyle. Just keep on learning and applying what you learn and pretty soon you will be making dishes that people will travel half way across the world to taste! Now wouldn't that be something?!


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