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Top 10 cooking world records

Updated on June 26, 2015

World’s Largest Pizza

The largest pizza in the world was made in South Africa on December 8,1990. It weighed 26,883 pounds. It was made by Norwood Hypermarket, a supermarket in the city and the pizza approximately measured 123 feet in diameter and required scaffolding to balance its weight. The mayor of Jahannesberg cut the first slice and the entire pizza was later served for the spectators.


  • Flour – 9920 pounds
  • Cheese – 3690 pounds
  • Mushroom – 1763 pounds
  • Tomato – 3968 pounds

World’s Largest Serving Of Fried Chicken

It was 70th anniversary of KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) and it was celebrated in a grand fashion in Louisville on August 19, 2010. A KFC bucket which was 8 feet tall and 9 feet wide held 2493 lb of fried chicken in it. The place was crowded and the fried chicken pieces were served free of cost to the visitors. The rest were donated to Louisville Dare to Care Food bank.

World’s Largest Burger

The largest burger in the world was completed on 31st of July, 2008. The gigantic burger was made by Mallie’s Sports Bar and Grill in South Gate at Michigan. The surprising fact is that the burger was for sale and its cost was estimated as 400 dollars and one could get that with 24 hour notice before hand. The burger weighed 134 pounds and the bun which housed it weighed 50 pounds. It was also topped with cheese and bacon. Only a few parties have ordered for this gargantuan burger. It was named as “Absolutely Ridiculous Burger”.

World’s Longest Christmas Cake

The cake was made in China to raise charity for children suffering from cancer. It was made on 2nd December, 2011 in Shangai. The cake was 1068 meters (3054 feet) in length. Eighty cooks from Pudong-Shangri la hotel in Shanghai came together to make this lengthy cake. 156 tables were lined up to display the cake and there were sticks after every few meters denoting the length of the cake till that point. This cake was more than 1 kilometer long and got featured in the Guinness book of world records. The interesting fact is that this 3054 feet lengthy cake was made in just 24 hours.


  • Flour – 2300 pounds
  • Chocolate – 880 pounds
  • Cream – 1300 pounds
  • Sugar – 440 pounds.

World’s Longest Hot Dog

The longest hot dog of the world was created in 2006 at Akasaka Prince Hotel in Tokyo. The hot dog was 60 meters in length and got featured in Guinness book of world records. It was then cut into several pieces and served to the visitors.

World’s Largest Omelette

The largest omelette in the word was made in the city of Ankara, Turkey on October 11, 2010. The six tonne omelette was made to celebrate the world egg day. A round frying pan of 10 meter in diameter was used to make this enormous omelette. Fifty cooks from the city joined hands to make this and at least one chicken was used to make this omelette.


  • Oil – 432 litres
  • Eggs – 110,000 eggs.

World’s Longest Noodle

The longest noodle was made in China and it was more than one mile in length. The exact length was estimated to be 1704 meters. The chefs took just twenty five minutes to make the world’s longest noodle. It was made in Yunnan province of China and got featured in the Guinness book of world records for the longest handmade noodle.


  • Flour – 15 kg
  • Oil – 2.5 kg

World’s Biggest Sandwich

The biggest sandwich of the world was made in Zocalo Square in Mexico city. The sandwich weighed 6991 lb (3178 kg) and was registered in the Guinness book of world records. Enormous amount of lettuce, ham and cheese were used to make this sandwich. The top slice was then carried by eight people and placed over the uniformly distributed cheese and lettuce. Thousands of people watched the massive sarnie and longed to have a bite.

World’s Largest Serving Of Chips

Britain set the world record of largest serving of chips. 448 kilos (988 pounds) of chips were made by “Fish and Chip” shop at Adventure Island. The chips were then accumulated in a gigantic box which was 137 centimeter long, 116 centimeter wide, and 75 centimeter high. The total weight of the chips was 32 kg. The chips were served in cones to the visitors. Each cone was priced at 1.6 dollars and the money was raised for charity.

World’s Largest Chocolate Bar

Armenia set the world record for the world’s largest chocolate bar on September 12th, 2010. It was manufactured by Grand Candy factory in Yerevan, the capital of Armenia and it weighed 9702 pounds (4410 kg). The bar was 560 centimeters long, 275 centimeters wide and 25 centimeters thick. It contained only natural ingredients with 70 percent cocoa mass. The CEO of Grand Candy factory, Karen Vardanian presided the event. The largest chocolate bar was produced to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the company. The tasty bar was then cut and distributed to the mouth-watering visitors.

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