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Preparing Chat Masala

Updated on July 25, 2016

Chat Masala

Cooking is my passion but do not take it easy. A good chef can give you idea to prepare Chat Masala at home. So, you just make it home and no need to go market to buy low quality Masala.

The one of the best flavor of most Asian foods depends upon their instant zing i.e Chaat Masala. Normally, a good taste in a dish can be brought by using Chat Masala. Desi Chat Masala is only best way to use it on different type of fast foods. If it is used on cucumber slices in summer or sprinkle on fruit salad then it taste better. This particular mix of spices is a unique tact and salty taste flavors also add the best ever flavor.

1. 1/5 spoon carom seeds.

2. 2-3 spoon rock salt.

3. 05 Red dried Chiles.

4. 3 teaspoon dried mango powder.

5. A pinch of hing.

6. 1/2 spoon ginger powder.

7. 04 spoon coriander seeds.

8. 04 teaspoon roasted cumin powder.

9. 1/5 teaspoon ground black pepper.

10. 01 spoon dried mint.

11. 2-3 teaspoon Kashmiri red chili powder.

Preparation Procedure:

You just need to roast the coriander, cumin and carom seeds atleast five to ten minutes it turns into darken shade. Put some asafoetida and give some heat. Now remove it from heat and grind it until powdered. Combine all ingredients and grind to make it a fine powder. Then mix all ingredients with grinder in order to make a powder. Now your Desi Chat Masala is ready and you can pour it over your food to make it delicious.

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