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Cooking Times Using A George Foreman Grill

Updated on January 9, 2014

Cooking Times Using George Foreman Grills

One of the great things about your George Foreman grill is that it cuts cooking time drastically by cooking food from both sides. Traditionally, grilling is a longer cooking process because it involves flipping food halfway through your cooking time to evenly mark and cook the food correctly. However, indoor contact grills (starting with the original Champ grill that launched the technology as a whole) cook from both sides at once with a top and bottom grill plate press system. This article will provide cooking times for various types of meat in the event you may have lost your guide that came with the grill.

How Long Do I Cook Foods?

Cooking times will vary with the George Foreman grill. One of the basic determinations for cooking times is the thickness and cut of the meat you are grilling. Check the table below for the approximate cooking times for various cuts of meat. For best results, use boneless meat. Make sure that chicken, hamburgers, and seafood are fully cooked before serving. Steaks can be cooked to any desired doneness. Pork and lamb products should be cooked until the interior is pink.

When cooking on your George Foreman grill, you want to make sure to account for the cut in cooking time so you don't overcook or burn your food. As a general rule of thumb, anything besides poultry will cook in less than ten minutes. If you have your User & Care manual, always check it first to see if the cooking chart lists the cook time for that particular food or cut. The times mentioned in the guide are pretty close to being very accurate. If it's not included or you've lost your Use & Care manual, you can use the following table to proivde you a reference for the approximate cooking times. Click here to go to the home page with links to George Foreman grill store, and videos.

George Foreman Cooking Times Table

Meats                         Grilling Times

Boneless Steak           Â½" to 1" thick cuts 4-7 medium rare, 6-9 min. for medium.

                                    Add 2-4 minutes for thicker cuts larger than 1".

Chicken Breasts          Use boneless products. Chicken breasts can be cooked as is

                                    or pounded for quicker cooking time. Grill until thoroughly

                                    done, about 4-6 minutes. If frozen, add 2-4 minutes.

Fish Fillets                   Cook until fillets flake easily when tested with a fork. Grill

                                    2-3 minutes per ½" of thickness.

Burgers                       ½" - ¾" thickness. Grill for 5-8 minutes. Add 1 - 2 minutes

                                    if frozen.

Fish Steaks                 Tuna, salmon, halibut, swordfish steaks should be ½"-1" thick.

                                    Marinate before cooking if desired. Grill for 2 - 3 minutes for

                                    Each ½" thickness.

Ham Steak                   Precooked ham steaks should be grilled until heated through,

                                    3 - 5 minutes.

Hot Dogs                     4 - 5 minutes. Add 1 - 2 minutes if frozen.

Sausage                      4 - 6 minutes, depending upon thickness of link or patty.

Bacon                          6 - 8 minutes.

Lamb Chops                Chops should be boneless, ½"-1" thick. Grill for 6-8 minutes.

Pork Chops                 Use boneless, ½" - ¾" thick. Grill until slightly pink in center,

                                    about 6-8 minutes.

Pork Tenderloin          Cut boneless tenderloin in half lengthwise. Cook for 6-9 minutes.

Grill Cheese                Cook 2-3 minutes.

Fruits & Vegetables

Highly specific cook times to the type of produce being cooked; start at 3 - 4 minutes for most items and then increase as needed (some go up to 7); potato slices take much longer - sometimes up to 18 minutes for ½-inch slices. The nice thing about grilling is that you can check the food without affecting the results too much. In many types of cooking - slow cooking and pan searing, for example - you will actually affect your final results by checking and poking too often. Even in baking, you don't want to keep the door open for too long, if at all (using your window to check progress is better). However, grilling allows you to check periodically without drastically impacting your final plate. This way, you can have fun experimenting with new foods you've never grilled before and still avoid overcooking and less than desired results.


Remember, when you remove the food from the grill it will be hot. Great tasting because as the food is cooking the fat is being removed. This grill is the only one of its kind which removes the fat while cooking. This makes the George Foreman grills unique. Be sure you have one for your home. These grills are very affordable. The price range varies from under $20 to over $100. When you want to know more about other George Foreman grills, please visit the following website: Click here to go to the home page with links to George Foreman grill purchase links and videos.

Happy grilling!

Cooking Times Using A George Foreman Grill - Your comments are welcome!

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      anonymous 5 years ago

      Thanks for this lens. I'm about to cook some chicken on a George Foreman grill and didn't know how long to cook it. Thanks for your help.