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Cool Guys Flasks- gift ideas for groomsmen or any fun loving, but hard to please guy

Updated on August 12, 2014

Fun gift idea for your groomsmen

Are you looking for a cool gift for your groomsmen. Something that guys might like, is something that a lot of guys won't have, but is still fairly fun?

A few years back I got a cool guys flask as a groomsman gift and I thought it was a wonderful idea. Groomsmen gifts do not need to be super expensive. You just want something nice, that the guys are unlikely to already have that they will enjoy.

One of the reason's I liked the funny flask guys groomsman gift idea was because it fit that bill. It was not too expensive, it was pretty cool, and in this day and age most guys will not have a flask unless it is given to them as a gift, and when one is given as a gift it will most likely be displayed on a shelf somewhere. So having something cool and funny just makes sense to me.

This page is dedicated to some of those cool flask ideas for guys that I have hunted down. They make great guys gifts for any occasion, not just as weeding part favors, since they will most assuredly be something that the guy you are shopping for will not already have.

These humorous flasks do not necessarily need to be just for guys. There are quite a few that women might like too. In fact with some of the vintage humor of Anne Taintor featured on these flasks, in some ways I think some of the ladies flasks can be even a bit more funnier than the ones featured here.

Check out some of the flasks for ladies here:

Nutritional Info Flask

Of course no one drinks for nutrition. At least I hope that they do not. If anyone does, they really need to take a visit to a nutritionist and find out some facts about alcohol and how it is not really good for you.

That irony is of course, what makes this one of my personal favorite options as a very unique gift idea for men. This is particularly humorous, in my opinion, if the guy you are shopping for actually is involved and active in fitness.

Booze is the prescription -Rx Label 7 oz flask

RX Perscription XXL Flask (7 oz)
RX Perscription XXL Flask (7 oz)

This is probably the my personal favorite of the flask that I own. I get a lot of positive comments from people who want to check it out and see all the small print. People always get a kick and a good chuckle from the label listing the side effects.


Holy Water Flask

If it makes you feel better to call your alcohol holy water and feel like you are on a quest, rather than an all night bender, this nifty flask might do the trick. A funny play on idea of having a flask.

Holy Water Stainless Steel Flask
Holy Water Stainless Steel Flask

This falsk makes a great gift idea. Obviously you have to know the guy you are shopping for.

A guy who is seriously religious may not see the humor in this flask. Then again, he might. The humor on this one may be more dependent on the guy you are shopping for than any other on this list.

But I like this one a lot and it is one of my personal favorite choices.


Make your Groomsman laugh

with these funny and fun flasks

Here are a few of the better cool flasks for guys. I like these a lot

I am part Irish, so I think the irish flask alluding to the stereotype of the drunk Irishman is a little bit of a funny poke for a flask. Drunk monkey is just a cool looking image. The "Spank" poster is a pretty cool flask that harkens back to the 1950s vintage magazines, in the time when flasks actually were quite hip and popular.

Of course, I think the "mustache" picture is pretty cool one for guys. That should be obvious since I made it the intro image here. The Snake Oil and Hooch round out the collection of flask's and also have a little bit of fun with the "old time" and vintage image of the flasks

**Click on any image to find out more about this funny flask

Absinthe Eye Stainless Steel Flask

There is something cool about Absinthe. Maybe it is because it has been outlawed in the United States. By it is the psychedelic properties of "true" absinthe. Very few people in the world likely drink real absinthe these days, particularly since it was linked to some little bits of insanity.

Absinthe is also linked inextricably to life in the late 1800s, another period when flasks were certainly considered a cool accessory that any gentleman was likely to be seen with

I don't get drink; I get awesome

Simple and to the point. Need I say more?

Some more funny and cool guy gift ideas

A koozie is sort of a poor man's flask. Designed to keep your beverages cool and fresh, they are often nicely inexpensive, yet certainly still have a definite cool factor to them.

This collection of koozies from eBay may have one of these gift ideas that could be perfect for the guy you are shopping for, or maybe even for yourself.

Why not take a shot and bid on one of these eBay koozie's.

What is YOUR favorite flask on this page?

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Let me know what you think - Share your comments below!

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