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Copper Tea Kettle

Updated on March 4, 2013

Durable and Classic Tea Kettles Copper, Chrome and Steel

Nothing gives me that feeling of being 'home" as the whistle of a tea kettle. Copper kettles are loved by many because of their great traditional looks but also because it is an excellent conductor of heat.

Pure copper kettles require a bit of cleaning maintenance once in awhile but that can easily be performed with natural products. You can also buy a partial copper kettle those are sometimes a little easier to maintain. One of the best brands of copper kettles that is originally from the U.K. but loved all over the world is Simplex Kettles and the kettle to the left is one of their models. Because copper itself is a very expensive material the pure copper tea kettles are pricey. If you want to save money Copper Tea Kettles on eBay can be an option or you can opt for the less luxurious hybrid models.

Steel Kettles with Copper bottoms

Classic Tea Kettle

This tea kettle with classic design has a copper bottom for optimal heating but a stainless steel exterior which reduces the amount of mainentance needed to keep it in tip top shape. The drip free pour spout is very convenient when pouring out tea and the rubberized handles make it easy to take of the stove. Great affordable kettle.

Chef's Secret Tea Kettle

Stylishly designed simple and effective kettle. It has a copper bottom for efficient heating but a stainless steel body which is a little bit easier to maintain. Great gift for anyone moving out on their own or for an avid tea drinken who doesn't own a kettle yet.

BonJour 2-Quart Stainless SteelCHECK PRICE

Chef's Secret® 2.75qt Surgical Stainless SteelCHECK PRICE

Copper Tea Kettles

To the right you see one of the few copper tea kettles that is still being offered right now. To the right you see a high quality Simplex Tea kettle with Chrome. Because of the shortage in full copper models, I'm placing additional tea kettles that are of outstanding quality on the page.

Classic Copper Tea KettleCHECK PRICE

Chrome Simplex HeritageCHECK PRICE

Copper Tea Kettles on eBay

On e-Bay you can find some really good deals on old fashioned copper tea kettles. Not everyone is aware of the current skyhigh copper prizes and sometimes these beautifull kettles go for fantastic prices.

Sold Out Copper Tea Kettles

Because of rising copper rices or some other reason beyond my control Copper Tea ketttles are becoming more scarce by the day. I'm sorry there are so few models available. I'm working hard to find new ones. Bookmark to check back later.

Simplex Copper Tea Kettles

Simplex copper tea kettles have been hand crafted in England since 1903 and they have a chromed--finish of copper with a solid copper body and a pure tin lining. The tin linging reduces the amount of mainentance. It has a beautifull wooden handle so you can grab it of the stove and a quick boil base design turning making tea into a breeze. The kettles have excellent whistling devices. These are high quality items that will last you a lifetime.

Simplex Heritage 2 Quart Tea Kettle, CopperOUT OF STOCK

Simplex Heritage Tea Kettle, CopperOUT OF STOCK

Cleaning the Kettle with Natural Ingrediënts.

Some tips in taking care of your beautiful copper kettle.

You can clean the kettle thoroughly using only natural Ingredients: Salt, vinegar and lemon or lime juice. This will keep your kettle in its beautiful and tip top state. A real copper kettle will always change in color though and take on a "patina"shine but that's the charm of it. Age will make it look better and better when taken good care of.


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