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Corona Beer Signs: a taste a summer fun

Updated on June 30, 2013

Corona signs for your mancave, pool, den, backyard or garage

Are you looking for the perfect Corona beer sign for your pool room, man cave, garage, den or barbecue pit. If so this lens has the very best signs featuring this great summer beverage.

Many fans of Corona beer love this beverage feeling goes perfectly with a hot summer day. Maybe you agree, maybe you do not, but some people must love this imported pale lager, because it just so happens to be the number one imported beer in the United States.

So if you are one of the many people who love Corona how lager beer, and you're looking to decorate one of the rooms in your house, you may want to take a look at some of these great Corona beer signs and posters. Enjoy! And drink safely and responsibly.

**Corona Cap Tin sign Courtesy of Amazon

Best Corona Beer Signs

Whenever I think of Corona, I think of drinking ice cold beer and relaxing in the sun, either in my yard or the beach.

This is definitely because of the advertising push the makers of Corona give.. It happens that Corona is actually a great refreshment each, but what comes in signs it is more than that. If you are decorating a room I want to bring the feel of summer, the beach and outside enjoyment to your man cave, poolroom, den or even the deck by your pool some of these awesome Corona beer signs will make an awesome addition and decor for whatever space you use them in.

Below are a few of what I consider the very best Corona beer signs. From the wooden Corona Tiki bar sign, to the Corona beer flag to three more summer fun Corona tin signs.

Corona means summer and Corona means fun, and if you want your space to say the same thing come perhaps check out some of the cool signage below.

Corona Beer Surfboard Wooden Wall Hanging Tiki Bar
Corona Beer Surfboard Wooden Wall Hanging Tiki Bar

Does anything say some are more in a wooden wall tiki? Probably not. The sign is perfect for either a pool or a bar. If you happen have a pool/bar, why that would just make this an absolute must.


If you have consumed your fair share of this Mexican beverage, you've surely seen the sign before, why not get one for your wall.

Corona Beer And Nude Beach Metal Poster Tin Plate Sign 8"x12"
Corona Beer And Nude Beach Metal Poster Tin Plate Sign 8"x12"

A beautiful picture on a tin sign showing a lovely drink taking a day at the beach. Summer sun and summer fun!

Corona Beer Log Off Lime In Metal Poster Tin Plate Sign 8"x12"
Corona Beer Log Off Lime In Metal Poster Tin Plate Sign 8"x12"

This cool metal poster is sturdy and looks great. By the by, it really makes me want to have another Corona.


Summer Beach love, and Corona Signs

Fans of summer, the beach and Corona will love these signs below. They're all about summer fun and Corona.

These signs are all made of good quality tin and are sturdy and will last either inside of the house or out by the pool.

Bring a little fun to your man cave, pool, bar, den or garage and show off the beer you love.

Corona Neon Signs

Neon signs are not for everyone. They need to be plugged in and have a power source, and having too many of them in a single room can look of it going. But just having one or two neon signs in a bar man cave can really set the tone and feel the way traditional sign or poster simply cannot.

If you are a fan of Corona and are looking to decorate a room, or looking for a gift for someone you know who loves this wonderful Mexican brew, one of these neon Corona signs could be just what you are looking for.

Corona Summer TV Commerical

The folks at Corona use summer and summer fun heavily in their advertisements. For me at least, it works. Corona really does seem to be a great summertime refreshing alcoholic beverage. Check out one of their ads pushing their viewpoint of Corona and summer fun.

Corona Bottle Opener

Here's another cool wall-mounted item you can get featuring Corona. Limes and Corona often go together and this nifty bottle opener makes fun of the "got milk' commercials with the simple "Got Lime" emblem

Got Lime Wall Mounted Bottle Opener
Got Lime Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

This cool little opener mount simply to your wall with two screws a come with it. Get one for your kitchen and one for your man cave, if you have a pool or outdoors area, get one for their to this simple bottle cap opener makes life simpler unless you enjoy your sunny summer days sitting in the shade with your cold Corona


Corona Collectibles on eBay

If you are a fan of Corona there's an extremely wide assortment, of collectibles out there. Clocks, watches, towels, shirts, hats and more are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all the fun collectible stuff you can get for this wonderful Mexican brew. Below are a few of the collectibles you can find right now on eBay.

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