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Making & Makers of Cotton Candy / Candy floss / Fairy floss

Updated on June 19, 2013

Texture and look of the candy is similar to a cotton ball and as it is a candy it tastes sweet but melts instantly when you put it in your mouth. This instant melting makes it very popular among children. These candies are made from (1) sugar, (2) sugar and (3) sugar additionally some flavoring agents and edible colors are also present. Kids as well as adults are amused by its process of making.

Cotton candy is made of sugar,sugar and sugar
Cotton candy is made of sugar,sugar and sugar | Source

Cotton candy making process

The process of making cotton candy looks like a magical trick, because by seeing the machine no one can clearly distinguish from where the candy threads are coming-out and swirling around the stick. But the process is quite simple. The video on the right explains the process very easily.

1. Sugar powder or granulated sugar (sucrose) is poured into the central cavity in the machine which is spinning part of the machine. (the sugar may be slightly colored or flavored)

2. The machine is turned on and the sugar in the spinning wheel gets hot with the heating element.

3. After a while when sugar reach its melting point the liquid comes out from the pores in the side wall of the spinning wheel.

4. Centrifugal force is responsible for liquid to come out from very tiny holes in the wall, liquid comes out from holes in the form of thread and cools down quickly which gives it cotton like form.

5. And at the same time these threads are spun around the stick to make big ball of cotton candy.

Very little amount of sugar can take the form of large cotton candy ball.

Decades ago these candy balls were considered a luxury or lavish treat because sugar was much expensive then. But now these sugar candies are popular time-pass in fun fairs and kid parties. Even small cotton candy machine can be owned personally to entertain children at home. But one drawback of this candy is that it is very sensitive to heat and moisture, which can easily deform it permanently. That’s why it can't be stored for long period and shopkeepers also keep these candies wrapped in polythene or similar wrappers.

Art of Cotton Candy


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