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Crock Pot Triple Dipper

Updated on December 6, 2014

Since I tend to do a lot of entertaining throughout the holiday season and even in the summer months on the patio, I thought it would be a good idea to have service ware that would make the job of taking care of my guests easier.

I like to have a buffet for most of my entertaining since I can spread everything out before the guests arrive and people can help themselves. I can also see what needs to be replaced quickly and I'm not tied to the kitchen.

Buffets are great to for people who like to pick and choose the items they want to eat. Since I wanted to have something that would keep food warm throughout the party I found the Crockpot Triple Dipper Food Warmer was a great idea to add to the buffet table.

I found that this handy travel-friendly crockpot worked well whether I'm entertaining at home or at some one else's home. All I have to do is just plug the food warmer in to an outlet whether I'm at home or at a friend's and it will keep the food warm as long as I want.

One other handy feature that I particularly like is the built-in lazy susan. This allows my guests to rotate the food warmer so they can choose the dip or food they want. You can't really tell that there is a rotating base (lazy susan) and in fact I generally have to show people this feature. They love it and so do I.

More importantly it has the ability to hold individual temperatures for each stoneware pot. There is even a place to hold serving utensils, crackers or toothpicks. I find that really handy because I don't have to worry about my guests not having everything they need.

I know it will look terrific on any buffet table and be a hit at any party. And best of all, clean up couldn't be easier. All I have to do is remove the stoneware pots, pop them in the dishwasher along with the glass lids and clean up is a breeze.

Great Party Dips
Great Party Dips

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