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becoming a chef

Updated on November 22, 2009

mission complete.

I entered into a culinary arts school twelve weeks ago,mainly because I felt that I needed to get some type of training up under my belt to help me survive in this economy we are all dealing with.I learned about the class through my local one-stop at the unemployment office.I originally wanted to take up the welding course, it started at the same time and was the same amount weeks,but my rides broke down,and the welding class is a little bit too far away,but the culinary art school is exactly one block from my house.So hey why not go and learn how to cook?When I first entered the crash course I really did not want to become a chef,I was there to acquire a quick skill to make me a more versified worker bee,but as the days passed I found that I really enjoyed cooking and maybe just maybe this could be the career change that I was looking for.When I started out it was thirteen men and women that was there for career training,the difference between me and them was they was already working in the culinary arts field I wasn't.They was there to advance there knowledge and become chefs.Me I was there to get two pieces of paper,my culinary arts certificate,and my servsafe certification,so I can find a job. The Chef sensed that.the first day she made it clear that "YOU HAVE TO LOVE THIS TO DO THIS!"and by the end of the week that seemed the dominating lesson of the week.YOU HAVE TO LOVE WHAT YOU DO.

whats love got to do with it?

You have to love what you do.First thing that was stressed by our training chef.Whats love got to do with it?I just want a steady dependable job so I can stabilize.That was my thought process at the time,I didn't want to become a Chef at the time but I did have experience cooking.From my high school days,so that how I saw culinary arts,from the perspective of a high school kid working at apple-bee's cranking out plates all night.As the days started to pass I found myself in conversation with my fellow students and from there my views of culinary arts started to change.The other students had plans all different plans but all involved culinary arts,its through there eyes that I began to realize that culinary arts is a very diversified industry and where you want to go with it is basically up to you.It was from the love that my class mates shared that sparked a fire for cooking inside of me,it is through their passion that I discovered that I have a passion for cooking.The oldest guy in the class was 56 his dream is to compete in the IRON CHEF tournament,and after that he want to have his own cooking show on cable.The lady that sat next to me was there to become a Pastry chef,her plans was to have her own restaurant.I could see it in her eyes that restaurant would be a reality one-day.The youngest kid in the class was 17 just received his G.E.D. he was a cool kid liked to party a lot but he was cool.He joked alot but was dead serious when he told the class he was going to be the next Wolfgangpuck.We started out with thirteen and midway through we had two that dropped out.That took us down to eleven.I guess to keep the rest of us motivated the Chef brought in some Chefs that worked around the city to talk to us,I guess it worked for me because when I learned that chefs start out 40,000 a year well you can say I've been on board ever-since.As the weeks passed we catered for alot of different organizations around the city.We met and talked to chefs that had graduated from some of the top culinary arts school in America.Some from the best culinary arts school in the world.We got the chance to run our own catering business through the school,and that experience alone was incredible for me.I loved it.So now I have settled in on becoming a chef.I graduated two weeks ago I have received my culinary arts certificate,as well as my managerial servsafe certification,I also received my very first KNIFE upon graduation,wasn't expecting that.But the best thing about it is the day after graduation I received a federal pell grant to use if I decide to go on to college,which I will do.I attended a open house for the art-institute last week-end and I will be taking my placement test in December and if everything goes right I'll be in school by February 2010,my fingers are crossed,any way that's a follow up to life is like a box of chocolates....a hub I wrote a couple of months back so all I really want to say is MISSION COMPLETE...the journey begins..peace I'm AUDI 5000.


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    • profile image

      silver 5 years ago

      I'm so happy for you, wish the best in your carrier, keep going be perseverant on your dreams, have fun, be responsible.