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Baking Cut-Out Cookies!

Updated on August 17, 2014

Do you like to bake cookies that are made using cookie cutters?

Here are recipes that work best for making cut-out cookies, along with great decorating tips and tricks. You will even find variations for special dietary needs like diabetic, vegan and gluten-free cookies. What makes cut-out cookies so great is that you can use the same cookie dough recipe and then just by changing the shape, makes cookies to suit any occasion! And by changing how you frost and decorate the cookies, you can come up with even more fun variations.

There are also links to many wonderful and whimsical cookie cutters, plus lots of pictures to give you inspiration for really cute cookies no matter what the holiday or time of year!

What's Cookie-ing? - cookie cutters - To Suit Your Moods or your Baking Needs

Featured here are some great cookie cutters, in designs and themes to match the season!

Cookie Recipes - the basics plus some variations on a theme

You'll notice that most recipes for cutout cookies have a lot of similarities. I've tried to find recipes here at have distinct differences as well as some sugar cookie classics.

One thing to remember about nearly all cut-out cookies recipes is that the dough tends to be higher in butter content and you'll want to chill the dough in between when you mix it up and rolling it out for cutting. Otherwise it's too soft and tends to stick to everything. Depending on the recipe, this might range from an hour or so to overnight.

pssst.... there's a "no chill" recipe listed here for those of us who don't remember to plan ahead.

Gluten-Free Cookie Mixes

For those of you who follow a gluten-free diet, here are some specialty cookie mixes that should be adaptable to making cut-out cookies while still being free of wheat.

One thing to note: if you are sensitive to potato starches (as I am) you may have trouble even with gluten-free flours as many of them contain potato, so be sure to read the exact ingredients to check for any more sensitivities.

Gingerbread Cut-Out Cookies - a special holiday favorite!

Gingerbread people cookies have been used as traditional holiday decorations since Victorian times, and the recipes below include tips on creating them for treats, gifts, tree ornaments or even package tags!

More Cookie Cutters

Kick-start your cookie cutter collection! Many times, simple and general shapes can be adapted over and over for different occasions.

Recipes for Food Allergies and Special Diets - gluten-sensitivity, vegan/vegetarian, diabetic, diary-free and low-cal

Here are a variety of recipes for people with specific dietary needs or restrictions. To decorate cookies without using frosting (which can really add on calories or be too much sugar), consider using nuts, fruit, and seeds for accents or try painting your cookies with natural food coloring.

Create Your Signature Cookie! - the add-ons, flourishes and sweet embellishments

  • Coloring - cookie dough can be colored when it is made. Certain ingredients impart color but there's also food coloring for almost any color of the rainbow.
  • Dusting - sprinkle the cookie with powdered sugar, cocoa or fancy sugars when they are still freshly warm. Let the cookies cool a bit before dusting or the sugars will melt. Using a tiny strainer (put the topping in and stir or tap with a spoon) can make for a very fine and uniform dust.
  • Sprinkles - also known as nonpareils, jimmies, or hundreds and thousands. These are tiny shaped decorations of colored sugar. They can be chocolate, rainbow, or single colors. Traditionally, nonpareils are opaque white.
  • Frosting - with this type of slim cookie, more often this really refers to a sugar glaze spread on the cookie. It can be left white (for "snow") or colored with food colors.
  • Fancy combo cookies - any of the decorating methods above can also be mixed. Reindeer cookies can be made in chocolate and then have red frosting noses added and white snow drizzled on the antlers. Sprinkles added make great face details or other edible accents.
  • Plain - of course, you can also leave cut-out cookies plain. Quite often, the fancy and specific shape makes them perfect just the way they are!

Decorating Cookies

These pages and recipes especially include information and instructions for how to decorate your cutout cookies.

Let's Hear It For Cookies! - questions, comments, suggestions and more!

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    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Yuuuummmm! I love all kinds of cookies, these are great! Thanks!

    • fathomblueEG profile image

      fathomblueEG 5 years ago

      I just love cookies all kinds too! Great lens:-)

    • profile image

      xphiltre 6 years ago

      Really cute cookies. Will definitely trying making some =)

    • profile image

      myamya 6 years ago

      very nice lens! thumbs up

    • pinkrenegade lm profile image

      pinkrenegade lm 6 years ago

      These look absolutely delicious! Great lens and thanks for sharing!

    • Ribolov LM profile image

      Ribolov LM 6 years ago

      Nice lens, good infos. Thnx for this cookies.

    • Ribolov LM profile image

      Ribolov LM 6 years ago

      Nice lens, good infos. Thnx for this cakes.

    • Julia Morais profile image

      Julia Morais 6 years ago

      Not much into baking, but would love to make cookies like these. Great lens.

    • lasertek lm profile image

      lasertek lm 6 years ago

      I usually make cut-out cookies with my children.

    • profile image

      seosri417 6 years ago

      I'll try out this..

    • profile image

      grannysage 6 years ago

      I ate one of each one of the cookies in the intro photo. They were delicious. I used to bake a lot when my kids were little but now appreciate it when someone else bakes a great cookie and gives it to me.

    • Mary Crowther profile image

      Mary Crowther 6 years ago from Havre de Grace

      I like to make cut-out cookies for special occasions. I enjoyed your lens!

    • profile image

      Stinkerbelle 6 years ago

      Good thing I found your lens after dinner :-)

    • profile image

      Skylermeyer2012 6 years ago

      Yummy! Awesome recipe.. If you don't have cookie cutter try to use the bottom of a fancy sure to dip glass in sugar 1st , so it wont stick.

    • profile image

      stevetyler72 6 years ago

      Great - What can be better than cookies!

    • joykennel profile image

      joykennel 6 years ago

      Great ideas! Beauitful lens and darling cookies I'll have to try making! A++++

    • profile image

      Socialcard 6 years ago

      mmm...i'm hungry now! gimme some cookies! :D

    • teristazko profile image

      teristazko 6 years ago

      Fun and delicious cookies. Great cookie lens

    • profile image

      areeha 6 years ago

      It is amazing! I really like these cookies.

    • AmazonTickets LM profile image

      AmazonTickets LM 6 years ago

      cut-out cookies aren't my first choice, but my daughter loves them. Have you ever tried cutting out tollhouse dough or something like it into shapes?

    • livinglargeandh profile image

      livinglargeandh 6 years ago

      The recipes sound delicious.

    • Gypzeerose profile image

      Rose Jones 6 years ago

      Nice lens! I followed your outclicks to some really great sounding recipes. I am going to try the gingerbread cookies with the royal icing. Thanks for remembering those people who have special diets!

    • ara-bella profile image

      ara-bella 6 years ago

      my kids love cutting out anything with the forms, not just cookies :) nice lens!

    • PuttinUpWithSuzy profile image

      PuttinUpWithSuzy 6 years ago

      Great page! The pic of the cookies are so cute.

    • RCGraphicsDesign profile image

      RCGraphicsDesign 6 years ago

      Great lens - I know what I want to do with the grandkids this weekend.

    • thehandmadesecret profile image

      thehandmadesecret 6 years ago

      My cousins and I just threw a fairy party and we found a recipe online for brightly colored cookies shaped like buttons! So cute! Unfortunately, they got burned even though we followed all the directions, all except for the yellow ones, which could have been a little tastier. You should try to make good button cookies!

    • Bonfire Designs profile image

      Bonfire Designs 6 years ago

      I love these cookie ideas, but I just can't do it. I can't bake good cookies no matter how hard I try. I will be sure to pass this on to my daughters who outbake my cookies all the time. I however am the cupcake chef!

    • PennyHowe profile image

      PennyHowe 6 years ago

      @MelonyVaughan: I agree, plus wanted to say thanks for a fantastic lens, but could not find where to post my comments. I have a great shortbread recipe that makes great cutout cookies for those special occasions. Thanks again for adding more fun to cookie making.

    • profile image

      annette3 6 years ago

      great ideas and I love the pictures!! looks yummy! great job~

    • profile image

      AskLou1 6 years ago

      Great ideas here! I am going to show this to my wife, she loves to bake cookies!

    • AlexTedford profile image

      AlexTedford 6 years ago

      Awesome lens! Can't wait to start trying a few of these ideas...

    • dahlia369 profile image

      dahlia369 6 years ago

      I don't make this kind of cookies but they sure look adorable! :)

    • MomTips profile image

      MomTips 6 years ago


    • profile image

      miaponzo 6 years ago

      I absolutely adore cut-out cookies! YUM! Blessed!

    • MelonyVaughan profile image

      MelonyVaughan 6 years ago

      Beautiful and yummy! The perfect combination!

    • jordanmilesbask profile image

      jordanmilesbask 6 years ago

      Cookies! Yummy Cookies!! Yum! Yum!

    • intermarks profile image

      intermarks 6 years ago

      Cut-out cookies is simple, but I just can't make the decoration as pretty as yours.

    • Blackspaniel1 profile image

      Blackspaniel1 6 years ago

      Nice lens

    • profile image

      ladykida 6 years ago

      Yay, cooookies!

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      I love the cut-out cookies with the icing on top. Yummy!

    • Countryluthier profile image

      E L Seaton 6 years ago from Virginia

      I want cookie! I think someone famous or red or blue or green said that. I resemble that remark and pass the milk too with the cookie please. Keep the great cookie lenses coming, I'll leave the light on for you!

    • profile image

      blanckj 7 years ago

      I love cookies! I have a cookie business so cookies are at the top of my list. Thanks for sharing.

    • jlshernandez profile image

      jlshernandez 7 years ago

      Good enough to eat definitely. Thanks for a great baking lens. Sprinkled with angel dust.

    • noobeegin profile image

      noobeegin 7 years ago

      I love to make cut out cookies! Your info here is wonderful. Happy baking!

    • spritequeen lm profile image

      spritequeen lm 7 years ago

      These are really great! Thanks for sharing :-)

    • profile image

      seedplanter 9 years ago

      Beautful cookies! The pictures are so pretty, you almost hate to eat them.

      I've linked to this in my Diary of Santa's Elf lens. Five *****'s and a fave!

    • Sensitive Fern profile image

      Sensitive Fern 9 years ago

      Very nicely done! I really like how you've organized your cookie images into different holidays. I like the gingerbread and food allergies modules, too. Well, I like it all! I've added this lens to the favorites on the "discovery tool" of my Sugar Cookie Recipes lens. 5*

    • desertgrace profile image

      desertgrace 9 years ago

      This is a great lens! I love cut out cookies!

    • profile image

      anonymous 9 years ago

      I can't get my backed cut-out cookies to keep there shape?

    • Janet2221 profile image

      Janet2221 10 years ago

      Great lens! I have lensrolled it to my Novelty Cookie Jars lens. :)

    • EelKat13 profile image

      EelKat13 10 years ago

      I love this lens! baking cookies is one of my fave things to do!

    • Johanna Eisler profile image

      Johanna Eisler 10 years ago

      These are so much fun for the little ones! (I have to admit, they're fun for me, too!) Thanks for a great site!

    • profile image

      anonymous 10 years ago

      Great lens, keep up the good work!

    • Sensitive Fern profile image

      Sensitive Fern 10 years ago

      Great lens! My mouth is watering as I type. :)

    • Coffeebreaker profile image

      Coffeebreaker 10 years ago

      going to use some of your recipes and ideas! I have also found after about 20 years of bad experience, that if you use parchment paper on your cookie sheets for cut outs, the bottoms don't burn, stick or crumble! Also a lighter colored cookie sheet instead of black.

    • Euryale Sinclair profile image

      Euryale Sinclair 10 years ago from The Left Coast

      I like to bake cookies for potlucks (totally embarrass the folks who bring store-bought) or when having friends over for dinner. That way I can enjoy some of them but then give the majority of them away.

    • Barkely profile image

      Barkely 10 years ago

      You make me want to go bake some cookies!

    • geeky247 profile image

      Heather Weaver 10 years ago from Colorado

      I love cookies, and I hate waiting for the dough to chill. I'll have to try your no-chill recipe. Thanks for a nice lens!

    • profile image

      Aika 10 years ago

      these are cute and fun way of making cookies. Love your content, perfect for all occasions.

    • Happy Helen profile image

      Helen 10 years ago

      Fantastic lens, you've done a great job! Thanks for joining our Home Cooking And Baking group! Stop by Watkins Gourmet Foods for some cookie ingredients.

    • Euryale Sinclair profile image

      Euryale Sinclair 11 years ago from The Left Coast

      GrillGirl, I don't make them myself very often, but when I do, it's usually for an occasion where I get to share with friends, so it inspires me to make them extra fun and fancy.

    • GrillGirl profile image

      GrillGirl 11 years ago

      I adore cut out cookies. I don't make them very often, but they are fun and taste great. This is a really neat lens.

    • profile image

      ILoveObento 11 years ago

      Very cute food. Inspiring too!



    • profile image

      successinme 11 years ago

      I think your site is just wonderful! Do you know what's best to use for people on a diet who love cut out cookies and want to bake them for themselves and there families.

    • Susan1 LM profile image

      Susan1 LM 11 years ago

      Thanks for the great information! I make cut out cookies around the holidays. Lots of great fresh ideas! Thanks again, Susan

    • SusanDeppner profile image

      Susan Deppner 11 years ago from Arkansas USA

      Love your lens! I have wonderful memories of cutting out cookies with my kids when they were little. This brings back some nice memories.

    • profile image

      badmsm 11 years ago

      Yum! :) Love cookies, they are such a pleasure for the senses when they are done right! Great Lens!

    • Euryale Sinclair profile image

      Euryale Sinclair 11 years ago from The Left Coast

      Thanks for all the compliments! I just found a bag of mixed cookie cutters at the local thrift store, and they were having a 50% off sale since it's Easter Sunday! I see fresh cookies in my future....

    • glossym profile image

      glossym 11 years ago

      Great lens. My daughter was drooling over these cookie pictures. Gave you a 5 star rating.

    • profile image

      LizzyCake 11 years ago

      Great Lens. I lensrolled you to my baking supplies lense. I too am a cookie decorator, and buy most of my supplies wholesale online.

    • profile image

      Clarafiedwords 11 years ago

      Eiswein goes great with cookies :)

    • Euryale Sinclair profile image

      Euryale Sinclair 11 years ago from The Left Coast

      Maybe you just need to try the Low-Cal cookie recipe for your cut-out cookies?

    • profile image

      anonymous 11 years ago

      I love your lens. If I weren't dieting, I would definitely start baking cookies. Take a look at my Recipes from Grandma site and my Recipes from Grandma lens. Thanks!

    • profile image

      DWall 11 years ago

      What a wonderful, cheery, colourful site!

      I want to set up a recipe site for Mennonite recipes and have no idea on how to do it. When I figure it out, I hope it will be at least half as wonderful as this one. Keep up the good work! (PS: You'd laugh if you saw the sec. word for this post!)


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