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Making Delicious Easy Salads

Updated on September 4, 2014

How To Serve A Vegetable, Fruit, Gelatin, Or Even A Main Dish Salad

A salad can brighten a meal, enliven a meal, or even be a meal.A salad can be as simple as a bowl of greens dressed with oil and vinegar or lettuce or spinach leaves sprinkled with salt and eaten with the fingers, or as elaborate as a beautiful arrangement of vegetables poultry, or seafood, a fancy gelatin mold, or a frozen delight.An appealing salad is an asset at any meal and it is so easy to make if you follow these preparation and serving suggestions:Clean and chill all ingredients ahead of time. Also chill salad plates or bowls.Leave salad ingredients in fairly large slices or chunks to give the salad a luscious look and a good texture.Thoroughly drain fruits and vegetables before use, and dry the washed greens.Toss salad ingredients together lightly; never stir vigorously.Accent salads with simple trims such as tomato wedges, onion or green pepper rings, radish roses, pimiento strips or cut outs, egg slices or wedges, olives, small whole fruits, cherry tomatoes, nuts, or pickles.

fresh vegetable salad
fresh vegetable salad

Vegetable Salads Tips

Always tear salad greens into bite sized pieces since cutting them with a knife hastens browning.Give cooked vegetables an enticing flavor by marinating them for about an hour in French dressing; drain before using.Peel tomatoes quickly by running the back of a knife over the skin to loosen it; then pull off the skin. Or loosen the skin by plunging the tomato into boiling water for a few seconds or by quickly twirling it on a fork over a flame.

delicious salads
delicious salads

Broccoli Salad

Ingredients:1 cup mayonnaise1 tablespoon sugar1 teaspoon lemon juice2 cups chopped broccoliMushrooms3 raw cauliflower4 chopped hard-boiled eggsMix dressing ingredients and pour over vegetables and boiled eggs.

Fresh Fruit Salad
Fresh Fruit Salad

Fruit Salads

Salads made of fruit are undoubtedly the most delicious that can be prepared. In addition to being delightful in both appearance and flavor, they afford another means of introducing fruit into the diet. As fruit is decidedly beneficial for all persons with a normal digestion, every opportunity to include it in the diet should be grasped. Some fruit salads are comparatively bland in flavor while others are much more acid, but the mild ones are neither so appetizing nor so beneficial as those which are somewhat tart. Advantage should be taken of the various kinds of fresh fruits during the seasons when they can be obtained, for usually very appetizing salads can be made of them.However, the family need not be deprived of fruit salads during the winter when fresh fruits cannot be secured, for delicious salads can be made from canned and dried fruits, as well as from bananas and citrus fruits, which are usually found in all markets.

fresh fruit salad
fresh fruit salad

Fruit Salad Tips

To make pretty orange or grapefruit sections, first peel the fruit closely, then cut down the side of one section membrane and slide the fruit off.To seed grapes in a jiffy, cut them in half with kitchen scissors and remove the seeds with another snip or two.Fruit Combination Ideas:For a refreshing salad, select fruits from the wealth of fresh, canned, dried, and frozen fruits available and combine them with a tart-sweet dressing, dairy dressing, or cooked dressing. For a change from the salad in a bowl, capitalize upon the appealing colors and shapes of various fruits by serving the salad in an attractive arrangement with a bowl of dressing.Fresh fruits make particularly delicious salads. Although fruits such as bananas and some citrus fruits are widely available all year, many other fruits are seasonal. For example, watermelons, cantaloupes, peaches, strawberries and cherries are summer favorites, while apples, pears, cranberries and pomegranates are more plentiful in the fall and winter.

fruit salad dressings
fruit salad dressings

Fruit Salad Dressing

Various dressings may be served with fruit salad, and usually the one selected depends on the preference of those to whom it is served.However, an excellent dressing for salad of this kind and one that most persons find delicious is made from fruit juices thickened by means of eggs. Whenever a recipe in this Section calls for a fruit salad dressing, this is the one that is intended. c. pineapple, peach, or pear juice c. orange juice1/4 c. lemon juice1/4 c. sugar2 eggsMix the fruit juices, add the sugar, beat the eggs slightly, and add them. Put the whole into a double boiler and cook until the mixturebegins to thicken. Remove from the fire and beat for a few seconds with a rotary egg beater. Cool and serve.

gelatin salad
gelatin salad

Gelatin Salad Tips

When unfolding a gelatin salad, rinse the plate or platter with cold water.Loosen the salad with the tip of a knife, dip the mold just to the rim in warm water for a few seconds. Place wet plate or platter on top of mold, hold tightly together, and invert quickly.Lift off the mold, and center the salad by pushing it gently with the back of a spatula. As the finishing touch, tuck lettuce leaves around and under the salad.


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