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Wake up and Smell the Coffee DeLonghi Alicia Espresso Maker

Updated on January 6, 2016

I was given a DeLonghi Alicia Coffee Maker as a wedding present. What a good idea my friends had!

Finding a useful gift for people like us, who already have their household set up, is quite a difficult task, but our friends had a brainwave when I got married and bought us this fantastic electric coffee maker that has a timer.

In Italy people cannot live without coffee. They nip into bars to drink a shot of espresso on their way to work in the mornings, you see espresso coffee dispensers on platforms at railway stations, ready to wake up weary commuters, and every house hold has an espresso maker of some kind. The Alicia was made in Italy and designed with Italians in mind!

We drink coffee in the mornings too, and this coffee maker has really made a difference to our lives because, not only does it make delicious espresso coffee, it makes it while you sleep!

Gracie China Rose Chintz 2-Ounce Porcelain Espresso Cup and Saucer with Butterfly Handles, Set of 4
Gracie China Rose Chintz 2-Ounce Porcelain Espresso Cup and Saucer with Butterfly Handles, Set of 4

Remember espresso cups are small. These are so beautiful -look at the lovely handles - what a very special gift they would make.


We've had our Alicia coffee maker for over 2 years, and it is still working as well as when it was new. We have never had a problem with it. It is a quality item made in Italy.

I really love it because it brings a smile to our faces every morning when we wake to the smell of freshly made coffee.

They also gave us a couple of very cute espresso coffee cups with handles shaped hearts!We have a lot to thank our friend for it was a really great and thoughtful gift.

Espresso cups are small. These are so beautiful - look at the lovely butterfly handles - what a very special gift they would make.


It's the timer that makes all the difference.

Before we were given our coffee maker we drank instant coffee in the mornings.

We had no time to fiddle around with our coffee machine. It took too long to heat up the water and was a nightmare to keep clean. Also, it took up too much space in the kitchen, it was just too big.

But the real problem was that it didn't actually make very nice coffee. It was supposed to be an espresso coffee maker, but the coffee was weak and lacked that hit you need in the mornings!

So when we got our DeLonghi Alicia Electric Coffee Maker, we put our old one in the loft!

Alicia Coffee Maker:

  • Our model one makes 4/2 cups, but you can buy one that makes 6/3 cups.
  • very easy to use and to clean. All you do is unscrew the top part and put cold fresh water in the bottom, making sure not to fill it too much there is a mark that tells you how much to put in.
  • fill the container with coffee. We love Lavazza fine ground espresso coffee because it's full flavored and strong. However, any fine ground espresso coffee will work brilliantly so you don't have to change your favorite brand.
  • set the timer before going to bed and it will come on in the morning, make wonderful coffee, and even keep it warm should you decided to have a lie in! It really is wonderful to wake up with the house smelling of delicious espresso coffee.

It comes with clear instructions on how to set the timer, but it's easy, as simple as setting an alarm clock.

Photo Gallery

Here are my lovely espresso cups
Here are my lovely espresso cups

Any of the coffee related items I have picked out here would make wonderful gifts. however, if you're looking for something specific, just click on any one of these and you'll be taken directly to Amazon.

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Does this page give enough information about the coffee machine? Please leave a comment. Thanks for your visit.


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