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My Favorite Desk Mugs With Lids For Coffee

Updated on May 15, 2015

Drinking Coffee At A Desk All Day? Get Yourself A Better Mug - You'll Be Happier

I've been a dedicated office rat for years and ever since my time working graveyard shifts in college I've been a happy coffee addict. I always have a cup of coffee at my side at work and as any one who works at a desk knows a simple coffee mug is not the best desk mug as it gets cold real fast and can easily spill over important papers or even a keyboard.

A long time ago I switched over from basic ceramic coffee mugs to insulated travel mugs when sitting at my desk but these usually were a bit big for my liking. They were top heavy too and easy to tip over. Ad when you add in the more challenging aspect of keeping them clean I was always tempted to go back to regular cup-of-joe mugs.

These days I work from home. I am a full-time father and I pay the bills by finding time to do a bit of work online. I still end up sitting at a desk a lot and I've recently switched over to desk mugs. They are basically insulated travel mugs designed for stationary people rather than those on the go.

Sure, you could take these on the road but they're best suited for lounging around the home or for those working at a desk or in an office all day. They are simpler to clean and usually a bit smaller. My favorites tend to have a wider base making them bottom heavy and they all are insulated to some degree meaning I have to make few trips to the coffee pot for top offs.

Below I'll feature some of my favorites and give you some of the reasoning behind my opinions. If you are looking for something along these lines then I trust you will find at least a little bit of help by reading about my experiences down below.

Desk Coffee Mugs That I've Got Experience With - Scroll Down This Page For Full Reviews Of Each Coffee Mug Referenced Below

This page will feature some of the better insulated desk coffee mugs I've used and liked. You can see these mugs right here and click through for pricing or for purchase or simply scroll down the page to read my commentary on my favorites.

The Trudeau Umbria 15oz Desk Mug w/ Lid

This Insulated Desk Mug Comes In Both Blue & Red

So far my absolute favorite desk mug is the Umbria mug by Trudeau. It looks good and feels like it's made of better materials than some other mugs I've handled and it has good heat retention with the lid on in both the closed and open positions.

I also think this is the best coffee mug for office workers because it's no fancy, it's pretty easy to keep clean, and it's not prone to tips and spills. In short I've found this mug to reliably keep my coffee hot for plenty long while also minimizing the chances for accidental spills.

It also happens to be one of the cheaper options on my list of favorites too. Although Amazon tends to have some of the best prices around for items like this I actually bought my Umbria desk mug on a big sale at my local Fred Meyer for just $5.99. See below for current Amazon pricing.

Trudeau Umbria Desk Mug, Blue Finish
Trudeau Umbria Desk Mug, Blue Finish

You can get this is red also. It holds 15 ounces at a a time and will reliably keep your coffee hot for up to two hours if you drink slow and keep the lid in the closed position between sips.


A Few More Coffee Mugs With Lids To Try

I haven't yet tried any of the following desk coffee mugs but they all look like good options at various price points. If you want to branch out into other styles then give these guys a try and let us know your thoughts in the comments box below.

Do You Have Any Thoughts Or Comments? - Please let us know what's on your mind down below - thanks!

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