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Differences Between Nespresso Essenza U

Updated on August 19, 2014

Which Is Better: The Nespresso Essenza C91 Or The Nespresso U

All Nespresso machines produce excellent quality shots of espresso. They all feature a thermoblock heating element and 19 bar pressure to heat water and brew espresso. Of the nespresso espresso machines the Essenza and the U are their low end models and are the most affordable.

Neither of these two machines are particularly fancy compared to higher end models like the Lattissima line but the quality of the shot is going to be exactly the same and both are going to pull a great shot extremely quickly... but what's the difference between the two cheapest machines anyway? Why would you buy the Nespresso U over the Essenza?

I'll keep things simple and help by only discussing the few feature differences that matter the most. They are both great but each has it's own target buyer.

Essenza Vs U - The Biggest Difference

The Nespresso U is a machine that will pull your shot at the touch of a button. The Essenza requires you to push a button to start brewing and then hold it down until you are done pulling your shot.

Why The Essenza Is Cheaper And Better

On the low end of Nespresso I personally think it's worth getting the Essenza - it's the machine I would want on my kitchen counter. The Essenza is cheaper and although you have to hold the button down during brewing* for the whole process I think it's worth it because you can fully control how long your brew takes. Shorter brew times produce stronger and smaller shots - longer brew times produce larger and weaker shots. This gives you wide versatility whereas the U gives you simple automation.

 Nespresso C91 Essenza Black Manual Espresso Machine and Aeroccino Automatic Milk Frother Plus Nespresso U C50 Espresso Maker, Pure Cream

*If you have the Essenza C91 then you have to start and stop the brew manually. The more expensive Essenza C101 lets you program the brew time but your money would be better spent on the Nespresso U which has this functionality built in native.

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How To Pull A Shot On The Essenza

Notable: If you get the C101 then you can program the shot pull time.

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