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Discovering Emmy's Time Out Tavern

Updated on January 13, 2017

When planning a trip to Central Florida, one has an abundance of restaurants to choose from during the visit. Dining options range from the numerous chain-restaurants, to the more eloquent high-end pricey ones. Having eaten in many local hot-spots, I have my favorites. However, there are some I would rather be kept confidential.

Nestled in the heart of central Florida, in the city of nostalgic DeLand, rest Emmy’s Time Out Tavern, known to the residents as a local treasure. The quaint little restaurant offers home made dishes with a German Flair, from Emmy’s own recipes. Emmy came to DeLand Florida, with her husband over thirty-five years ago. Her husband Bill opened the tavern, and it was remarkably successful. Five years later, after Bills passing, Emmy added the restaurant segment and offered DeLand residents a delicious change from traditional style eateries.

Who is Emmy?

Hailing from Heidelberg, Germany, Emmy is the embodiment of warmth and excitement mixed with fun and passion all contained in a lovely caring individual. She runs her restaurant much like she runs her life, simplistic, friendly, and she always has fun. When dining at Emmy's, customers may find her visiting from table to table, greeting each guest personally, to ensure they are enjoying the meal, and the restaurant.

If visitors are expecting a fancy high end facility, they might want to look elsewhere, as the Tavern is casual and exceptionally easy going Even the sign outside states, “If you don’t have any patience and have a bad attitude don’t bother coming in.” I asked her "Are you on-line?" She laughed, "A customer once built me a website," she replied, “but I've never seen it. I did have a computer once. My girls (waitresses) just used it for playing games and things. I didn't have time for that stuff, so I gave the thing away." I asked about a cell phone. "Yes," she replied, "I have it on my kitchen counter at home's been there since July. I just don't want to be bothered with it."

If one wishes to obtain employment with Emmy, there may be a long wait, as the average employment tenure is well over nine years.

Why is Emmy’s a secret? It might be because DeLand’s residents are protective of her fine offerings in German-American Cuisine, and want to keep it for themselves. Perhaps, it is because they worry outsiders would buy the restaurant, and change things. No worries there either, as she has no intention of selling, or plans to leave anytime soon. Her children asked her "Why don't you retire." To which she replied, "What else would I do? Besides, I love it there!"

The real reason may be much simpler. Emmy’s restaurant is open four days a week. Although the tavern area stays open much later, the restaurant hours are from five until eight-thirty Pm, and on Sunday from 3pm until 7:30. Trying to get in can be difficult, as Emmy does not accept reservations.

If it were not already hard enough to get in, Emmy offers a special on her sensational Prime Rib dinner on Thursday night’s bringing in larger crowds. The meal starts off with a choice of her chilled-cucumber and onion salad, cold tomato salad, cole-slaw, or tossed salad, along with hot bread, and whipped butter. After the salad and bread, she offers her special recipe German Vegetable Beef Soup that is best described as “Out of this world.”

Then Emmy serves a more than adequate “Queen-size” cut of Prime Rib or her ”King Cut” a slightly larger (huge) amount with either baked potato or German fried potatoes. Patrons can choose from a limited number of soft drinks or tea. She also offers a wide range of imported and domestic beers, as well as a full line of mixed drinks. If her delectable Prime rib is not your cup of tea, she offers a tremendous baked trout, along with other seasonal specials. She also offers a number of other delicious selections from her more than adequate menu. Her casual, friendly atmosphere makes the dining experience relaxing and enjoyable. She does, however, state on the menu: "Please allow our chef time to cook just for you. This is not a fast-food Restaurant!"

For people whom require more of their night out, Emmy offers live entertainment on Friday and Saturday evenings. If visitors are fortunate enough to visit in October, or on certain planned dates through out the year; Emmy holds “German Nights” featuring a live oompa band with authentic music from her homeland.

Emmy's, voted the area’s best restaurants by residence of Volusia County over twenty-five years, has retained the honor since 1974. The numerous plaques are on display throughout the restaurant.

If the three-day trip falls in July and one wishes to visit it Emmy's, they may leave disappointed, because every year Emmy takes her vacation, and returns to Heidelberg, to visit her home land, friends and family. However if you do find yourself in the area during the rest of the year, treat yourself to a real hidden treasure and dining experience.


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