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Don't Move My Kitchen Shears

Updated on November 13, 2014

You do not want to be caught moving my kitchen shears from their allotted drawer, or using them on anything other than their intended use; certainly don't get caught cutting paper with them!

Now, I am not a kitchen-commando or one who won't let anyone cook in their kitchen, but, there are certain things those who know me understand . . . you don't mess with my kitchen shears.

Obviously I am not the only wife or mother who uses scissors as a tool in their kitchen, but apparently my husband had never seen this in motion, and the first time he saw me using my super-duper kitchen shears to cut a chicken breast into pieces, he seemed somewhat amazed. This I admit, tickled me a bit. It was as though I was performing some amazing feat with this simple tool on the food we would soon be eating. He too loves using them now.

Now, if by chance you have never used scissors in your kitchen, I would like to enlighten you on just a few suggestions for what you can use them for:

  • Sniping ends off of vegetables or cutting into chunks
  • Cutting raw or cooked meats into strips
  • Cutting pizza or focaccia into serving pieces
  • Dividing dough into roll size balls
  • Sniping herbs, or using the incorporated tool on some shears, to strip herbs off the stalk
  • Sniping bacon into bits
  • Cutting fruit into slices

There are many uses you will find you can use your kitchen shears for, and once you do, it'll be hard to be without them.

Ergo Chef Multi Function Come-Apart Kitchen Scissors/Shears
Ergo Chef Multi Function Come-Apart Kitchen Scissors/Shears

A nice choice of kitchen shears for most any use in the kitchen


Care of Your Kitchen Shears:

Now, I feel that putting the shears through the dishwasher is a more hygienic means of washing them; my husband on the other hand swears that this practice dulls the blades much quicker. I do admit that I tend to pay more attention to opening them wide to make sure all food is cleaned out from between the blades near the handles when hand washing.

Whatever means you choose to wash your kitchen shears, you will want to open them to their widest position and allow them to dry thoroughly before storing them in their drawer.

Keep your shears sharp - not only will this make them work well for you when preparing food, but you truly are more apt to cut yourself when they are dull. With dull blades, most tend to work them harder and push harder, making it easier to slip off of the food you are cutting.

And yes, I do recommend not using them for any other use than in your kitchen. Keep other scissors for cutting paper and twine and packages, so your kitchen shears stay sharp, and . . . you'll always know where they are!

Wusthof Herb Shears
Wusthof Herb Shears

These would be a welcome addition to my kitchen tools


Do you use scissors in the kitchen?

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Fiskars Desktop Scissors Sharpener (98617397)
Fiskars Desktop Scissors Sharpener (98617397)

Very handy scissor sharpener you'll be glad you had after realizing someone had used your kitchen shears on paper too many times!



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    • RussnJo profile image

      RussnJo 4 years ago

      ayannavenus - my hubby does use mine, but he knows I have one eye on him while doing so, lol.

    • ayannavenus profile image

      ayannavenus 4 years ago

      Great lens... I have to admit my hubby is not allowed to use mine ;)

    • RussnJo profile image

      RussnJo 4 years ago

      Thank you Barbara! I've got myself shopping for a new pair that has the herb stripper on them - fun stuff!

    • profile image

      BarbaraCasey 4 years ago

      My scissors stay in the kitchen, too. Hygiene is part of the reason... but I also don't like having to hunt for a tool when I've got food in my hands. Great lens.