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Dunkin Donuts Coffee Mugs

Updated on December 6, 2011

Dunkin' Donuts Coffee Mugs - Tumblers, Thermoses, Ceramic Mugs, and Travel Cups

Everyone knows that Dunkin' Donuts is one of the best places to get a great cup of coffee. Their renowned, mild, yet distinctively flavorful cups of joe have hooked enthusiastic, loyal coffee drinkers all across America and beyond. If you're a big fan of everything that this famous coffee and donut chain has to offer, why not sip it in style with these collectible Dunkin' Donuts coffee mugs, tumblers, travel mugs and gifts? They're a great way to keep your beverages hot or cold, and make incredible gifts for coffee lovers.

Dunkin Donuts travel mug
Dunkin Donuts travel mug

Dunkin' Donuts Travel Mugs

Refillable mugs for on-the-go coffee sipping!

When you need to take your drink with you on the run (as they say, "America runs on Dunkin'"), travel mugs are the perfect option to keep your drink secure, convenient, and ready to drink at the temperature you want it. Iced coffee travel mugs will keep your drink cool, and often have straws attached so that you can sip your drink all day long. Hot Dunkin' Donuts travel mugs are offered in many styles, like seasonal fall, Christmas, and holiday themed varieties.

The one problem with their travel mugs? Before you can buy another mug of the exact kind that you like, they often retire them and unveil a whole new line of mugs. It's great to keep the lineup of merchandise fresh, but not so good if you're looking for a particular type of coffee mug. The good news is that you can find most of these mugs on auction as retired collectible pieces, sometimes at a good price. Some are new, some are used, so check the item description for the exact specifications (see the items at right for some good examples of collectible, classic, and new mugs).

Travel Mugs - Current selection on Ebay

The best place to find unique, cheap, and rare finds featuring Dunkin' Donuts logos, jingles, and more. A great way to keep your coffee hot or cold on the go!

Dunkin Donuts logo
Dunkin Donuts logo

Who Are You Buying For?

Gift giving ideas for people that love Dunkin' Donuts

If you're looking for a mug that's so durable it's practically indestructible, stainless steel is probably the way to go. These will hold up against repeated drops, bangs, and might even survive if you run your car over them (though don't try this one at home!). Stainless steel also keeps hot beverages incredibly hot. This makes these the perfect gifts for people who work at an office or out on a job site all day.

If you're buying for someone who loves iced coffee, the cold travel tumblers and cups might be a great option. These mugs are also good for water once you're done with the coffee, and are insulated to keep the drink cold and the ice from melting too much.

If you're buying for someone that works from home, enjoys their weekend time off, or just likes to enjoy a nice, hot cup of coffee with their morning breakfast or throughout the day, a Dunkin' Donuts ceramic coffee mug makes perfect sense. These classic mugs are available in vintage styles and brand new versions, both for the collector and for the sheer coffee lover.

Looking for other Dunkin' Donuts merchandise?

Click through any product to start your own search for rare items, or visit our page on Dunkin Donuts collectibles here!

Glass Mugs - Coffee is incredibly tasty in a glass mug...

Have you ever tried coffee in a glass mug? Lattes, cappuccinos, and straight up coffee are all delicious and take on a whole new experience when you drink from glass. The glass also gets hotter than ceramic, which can warm you up faster, too.

The Preferred Coffee Maker of Dunkin' Donuts - The secret to a great cup of coffee that tastes just like DD...

Want to know a secret? A good cup of coffee that tastes just like a Dunkin' Donuts coffee shop is something you can make right at home. Yes, roll right out of bed, and in minutes have an authentic cup just like your local drive-thru!

Dunkin' Donuts stainless steel mug
Dunkin' Donuts stainless steel mug

Dunkin' Donuts Stainless Steel Coffee Mugs

Holds the heat - easy to clean - tastes great!

Stainless steel is easily washed by hand, and is a really durable product that will last a long, long time. This is especially good in cold winters when those disposable cups really don't keep the coffee hot for all that long. Who likes to get to work and have tepid, cool coffee sitting beside them? Put it in a stainless mug instead, and then have it stay warm for a longer period of time.

A few more reasons why stainless steel is a good idea for Dunkin' Donuts coffee drinkers:

  • It's a greener option. Reuse the mug and create less waste.
  • You'll get the small discount for using your own mug which will add up over time (and even pay for the mug!).
  • No plastic taste from the cup and lid. Why compromise on the taste?

Ceramic Mugs - Classic, rare, and new mugs for home or office

Drink in these mugs or give as a gift! Fill it up with their favorite DD coffee by the pound, samplers, or candy for a cool presentable gift.

Styro Insulated Coffee Cups

Looks just like the real deal - but they're reusable!

These cool cups mimic the look of the traditional Dunkin' Donuts coffee cup, except they're reusable and they'll keep your drink hotter, longer. Each mug has a flip top lid and a closeable lid that will keep leaks and spills from happening. Once you're done sipping on your coffee, you can fill it back up at work, or fill it with another drink. Also, you'll find that most locations offer a discount for bringing in your own reusable travel mug. Ask for the discount if they don't give it to you, because this can add up over the long term! True Dunkin' Donuts fans will really appreciate this unique gift.

  • Flip top closure that's easy to drink from
  • Tightly sealed lids that prevent leakage and messy coffee spills
  • A cool way to carry around your coffee, and it's more sturdy then those flimsy paper and styrofoam cups!

How Much Do You Love Dunkin' Donuts? Have a Favorite Mug, Favorite Flavor, or Favorite Way Mug? Tell Us!

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      3 years ago

      The candles are awesome!! They burn even, right to the bottom. Aroma is great!


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