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Easy Chocolate fondue

Updated on August 25, 2011
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Simple & fun

I remember that anything fondue used to be in. Red wine, olive oil, beef, turkey, veggies... yeah almost anything would go in, and oh I loved it!

Then it kind of all went away, and I didn't think much about it, until a friend of mine recently pulled out the fondue set, and the chocolate indulgence began...

Making chocolate fondue is surprisingly easy, and is a great way to entertain guests. It's interactive around the table, and adds a casual & fun atmosphere to a gathering.

Chocolate fondue is sure a simple and easy dessert for parties, but is also nice to enjoy as a family treat or romantic dinner at home.

So all you need is a fondue set, or even just a pot or saucepan, and a few simple ingredients and you are good to go!

Choosing a pot

There are a few options available when making chocolate fondue.

One is to stick to your normal cooking pot and heat the chocolate in it. Then tip the chocolate sauce into a standard tea light candle fondue set so it stays warm, and the scene it set.

However you can also just leave it in the original pot, but it won't stay warm and melted for as long and may not be as romantic...

Another option is the electronic chocolate fondue machines. The electronic fondue pots is the number one easy option, where all you need to do is to turn on the power and mix the ingredients right in it.

Center it so everyone can reach and that's it. No need to prepare it on the stove or microwave first. A good option for small gatherings around 4-8 people.

However if you are planning a large reception or in- or outdoor party, the fancy fondue fountains are a great option. You will need to pour the chocolate sauce in to it though, but once done, it stays warm and everyone can easily reach.

Easy chocolate Fondue Recipe

Ingredients (serves 4)

300 gram fine chopped dark chocolate + 300 ml thickened cream + 2 tablespoons of cognac or other brandy.

Fresh fruit (strawberries, honeydew, oranges, kiwi, grapes etc.) or maybe marshmallows too?

Method: Put cream and cognac in a pot (or saucepan) and bring to simmer over medium heat. Then remove from heat and add the chocolate. Stir until the chocolate is melted and smooth, and serve with fresh fruit.

Stir occasionally and Enjoy!


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    • ForestBear profile image

      ForestBear 6 years ago

      Hi twilanelson, nice to meet you and thank you for stopping by. The oreo cookies sound great!

    • twilanelson profile image

      Twila Nelson 6 years ago from Carmichael, California

      The fondue fountains are extremely fun for family events. I guess I will have to try your recipe, for the adults. And double stuffed Oreo cookies are fantastic dipped in chocolate fondue.