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Easy Cookie Recipe

Updated on January 9, 2013

Why should you choose raw cookies as a dehydrating recipe?

Although there is still a sense of novelty regarding dehydrators which make people skeptic about them, you can only figure out by yourself how helpful they will turn out to be for you considering the fact that you can put a lot of interesting dehydrating recipes into practice and use them as alternatives for food that you buy from shops. Cookies are undoubtedly the most preferred kind of recipe for people who love deserts.

You will find some great recipes for raw cookies here!

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Try out this kind of dehydrating recipe for raw cookies!

One of the dehydrating recipes that you can easily make on your own involves almond pulp, coconut pieces, vanilla, salt and maple syrup. The next step that you need to make consists in placing the almond pulp in a bowl first and then putting the other ingredients over. Use your hands in order to mash up the entire mix.

The fun part of this recipe involves creating cookies shapes with your hands. You can either create the traditional round ones or try out some cute and interesting kinds of shapes. Leave your imagination free and you will be able to enjoy the cookies that you like the most depending on your own preferences, which is something great.

The last part of this recipe involves setting up the dehydrator. Therefore, in a similar way as the method in which you leave crackers in this device, you will need to place the cookies on the trays and have the heat set up on 120 degrees for the first hour and switch it to 105 degrees afterwards. Depending on the consistency, you can leave them on for a longer period of time or take them out earlier.

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Decide on other kinds of dehydrating recipe for raw cookies!

The best part of dehydrating recipes that you have probably noticed by now is the fact that you have the freedom of choosing some of the ingredients according to your preferences. While some people like bits of fruits within their cookies others prefer to replace them with chocolate chips or little pieces that provide them with a very sweet and delicious taste.

A small trick that you should consider when you are putting this kind of cookies recipes into practice is represented by the addition of any kind of nut butter because this ingredient makes the cookies melt in your mouth. At the same time, it makes it much easier for you to create different shapes out of the mix that you make which is why you should consider the recipes which involve peanut butter for example.

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Dehydrated cookies with apricots

Some of the recipes which involve this kind of butter also include fruits such as apricots which have to be drained a bit. You can complete your cookies with shredded coconut. Mix all the ingredients in a bowl, after you have also poured a quarter cup of water.

Then, create small balls out of this kind of dough and place them on a special kind of sheet within the dehydrator. You will instantly love this kind of cookies and you can make them for yourself as well as for the children in your family because they are very healthy and tasty. The best part consists in the fact that you know for sure what you have put into them.

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All the different dehydrating recipes that are available are great for people who want to eat healthier and not necessarily for those who are into the raw diet. You can never be sure that the cookies you buy from shops are entirely natural; however the ones that you make at home are ideal because they involve ingredients that you have placed in the dough yourself. This way, you will be able to make your own cookies which taste exactly how you want and involve as many calories as you prefer as well.

Did you ever made dehydrated cookies?

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