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Easy Recipe for Hard Boiled Eggs

Updated on May 19, 2014

Quick steps

  1. Pull eggs in cool water before you begin to boil them
  2. Bring water to a hard boil
  3. Set timer for 15 minutes for boiling
  4. Rinse out eggs with cool water
  5. Set eggs in cool water
  6. Peel eggs

How to Make Hard Boiled Eggs

We all have attended gatherings where the deviled eggs are nicely shaped without any egg white missing from them. It took me many years until I learned a recipe that works like magic. Every time I use this recipe the hard boiled eggs turn out perfect and I can peel them without any loss of the egg white.

The recipe is simple itself but if you stray then the eggs will not peel as easily.

First pull your eggs out of the refrigerator a few minutes before you begin to boil them. Put them in the pot of cool water you will be boiling. Any time between three to five minutes will be OK. Then begin to heat the water to a boil.

This next part can be harder if you prefer to leave the kitchen and wonder while you wait for the eggs to boil. As soon as you see the water boiling set timer for 15 minutes. The boil should be a full boil, not the small bubbles right before a full on boil.

After the 15 minutes is up, remove the pot from the fire. Pour out the water and then rinse the eggs under the faucet in cool water for about two minutes. This can be done by just swishing the water in the pot and allowing more water to pour into the pot instantly.

When the two minutes are done fill the pot, covering the eggs with cool water. Set the timer again for five minutes. Allow the boiled eggs to sit in the cool water for the five minutes.

Begin to peel the eggs. Pull each one out of the water one at a time and peel them. Cracking them on the sink seems to work, then usually the shell just comes off in almost one motion. None of that peeling the shell piece by piece.

You should have beautiful, perfectly round eggs!

Perfect Hard Hard Boiled Eggs

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Easily peeled eggs
Easily peeled eggs


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