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Easy Vegetarian Recipes

Updated on July 23, 2013

Vegetarian Cusines are easy to cook, healthier and tasty

I like to experiment with Vegetarian cuisines. Sometimes I succeed and sometimes I fail. Since I am not a professional chef, most of the time my recipes fall short of something or the other. For example, if I had grilled for a little bit more time or if I had not added so much of tomato puree!! Last week I prepared full dinner and to my (and everybody else's) surprise each and every dish of the dinner was just perfect and everybody loved it. It was not only delicious but reasonably healthy too.

The whole dinner consisted of two main dishes and I used pita bread to go with them.

Best part of these dishes is that they are to easy to cook you don't have to be kitchen for too long. Also, you can do the required things in parts, i.e. do a part of it in the morning, keep it in the fridge and use in just before dinner time to complete it.

I do not claim that this is a very healthy recipe but it definetely as bad as pies or sausages as far as health is concerned. You may ofcourse turn this recipe into a healthier recipe just by avoiding cheese or stuffing a bit less potato. However, today I have made it to spoil myself and my family.

I am sure you would like to try this recipe in your kitchen.

Would you rather watch video to learn this recipe rather than read it?

Stuffed Bell Peppers with Cheese and Potato


Four bell peppers. I have choosen them in four different colors but It purely for asthetics and you may use all of the same colors. I personnaly feel that if a recipe looks good to the eyes, its flovor and taste increases by atleast 50%. Even your body responds better to the food if you are finding it beautiful.

Five to six medium size boiled Potatoes. Add a tea spoon of salt in the water before you boil them. Salt makes the boiling process faster.


Black Salt

Black Pepper

Chopped Coriander

Chopped Mint

Thinly sliced Onions

200 gms of grated cheddar cheese


1) Peel of the potaoes and add chopped mint, coriander, salt, black salt and black pepper.

2) Mash the potatoes along with all the ingredients.

3) Pick up one of the bell pepers, take out the hook like stem and scoop out the seeds. Repeat for rest of the bell peppers.

4) Keep grated Cheddar cheese, mashed potato and the peppers on your Kitchen table.

5) Stuff a spoon full of mashed potato in the pepper like shown in the picture below. Then stuff a tea spoon full of grated cheddar cheese in the pepper. Keep on stuffing mashed potato and the cheese in layers till there is no space left to stuff. Repeat the process for rest of the bell peppers.

6) Brush the stuffed pepper with melted butter. (I have used spoon instead of a brush)

7) Brush the baking foil with melted butter and place all the bell peppers in your baking tray.

8) Place the baking tray in the oven and grill it on low heat (200 deg.). "How long to grill for" depends on your taste. If you like that crunchy raw flavor of Bell peppers, then leave it in the oven for just 15 minutes but if you prefer smokey bell pepper flavor then leave it for 30 minutes. It basically depends how you like it.

9) Take out the tray from the oven after 15/30 minutes and your stuffed bell peppers are ready to eat.

10) Check out for the accompaniments for this dish in the subsequent modules.

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Pumpkin soup goes very well with Stuffed bell peppers.

Pumpkin soup goes very well stuffed bell peppers and you do not have to put too much of extra efforts to make it. When I put stuffed pepper in the ovan, I put quarter of a pumkin along with that. Ofcourse I took out seeds from it before doing that. After grilling it for about 30 minutes, I peeled it off and added it to the food processor along with 200 gms. of tomato puree, 1 spoon of grounded pepper, 1 spoon of salt, fresh coriander and mint leaves. I turned the whole mixture into reasonably thick paste and our pumpking soup was ready within minutes.

Serving This Easy Vegetarian Recipe

I toasted a few pita breads, cut them into halves and served them with stuffed bell peppers and pumkin soup garnished with mint leaves.

Interesting spices and herbs for your innovative recipes

Yet another Pumpkin soup recipe on YouTube

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    • msnz profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      @sherioz: Thanks. Please try it. Easy recipes may be good atimes...

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Looks easy enough for me to handle.


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