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Eating out as a Vegetarian

Updated on September 30, 2012

Lettuce and Fries? Anything else?


Number of days without Meat

I went for almost three weeks before breaking down and eating any meat. It was pepperoni, and I ate a piece of pizza before it even dawned on me. I have broken down a couple of times, the first time I was out shopping and needed to pick up something quick for dinner, which brings me to the subject of this diatribe: eating out as a vegetarian.

The Break Down

I won't lie: I was craving a hamburger. I really wanted a juicy, gross, fast food hamburger and my husband chose Burger King as the dining of choice. I ordered a whopper and ate every bite. This was after not eating meat for almost three weeks. The meat did not sit well with my digestive system and I ended up getting extremely sick from it. Needless to say, this is making my non-meat eating journey that much easier.

However, as a family of four who no longer lives near any family, we find ourselves on the road a lot, which often means eating at fast food restaurants. Here is what have noticed: not eating meat does not give you a lot of choices while dining on the road.

Vegetarian Friendly Fast Food Restaurants

First of all, if you travel and eat at fast food establishments, you better get used to salads as that seems to be the only vegetarian choice at many of these places. Even salads typically have some type of meat on them, usually chicken, which means you may have to special order one without it.

The biggest problem with this is, how are you supposed to drive and eat a salad? Now, I know ideally we shouldn't be eating and driving. However, when you have to go somewhere three hours away and never get on the road in time to make it to your destination...eating while driving is part of our process.

So far, I have found two fast food restaurants that offer vegetarian options that are not salads. The first is taco bell. Bean burritos are wonderful and fairly easy to eat on the road, although somewhat messy. You think texting and driving is dangerous? Try a loaded bean burrito with sauce and refried beans, can get a little dangerous.

The other fast food chain is subway. I have discovered that a veggie only sandwich is quite good, but once again messy and hard to eat on the road.

I am just wondering how hard would it be for a fast food chain such as Burger King or McDonald's to add a veggie burger to their menu? Yes, it would likely be cooked on the same stove top used for their beef burgers, but at least it would give those of us that choose not to eat meat another option.

I need vegetarian convenience!

As a new comer to the world of vegetarianism, this has been a difficult obstacle I have come up against. Fighting off the urges to eat meat has become easier. i just need to find a place to eat that offers the convenience that I need when traveling. Then, I will be on my way to truly not eating any more meat.


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    • msorensson profile image

      msorensson 5 years ago

      I am not a vegetarian..I eat meat..just not as much as everyone else does..

      Thank you for the tips..

      Good article.