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Eating Street Foods: Effects on Health

Updated on January 14, 2016
James September profile image

James September is a licensed teacher and freelance writer. He obtained his Master of Arts in Teaching English as a Second Language in 2012.

Choosing Home Foods over Street Foods is a Good Idea!

They look and taste good, but they are harmful...

Most Filipinos try to taste on some street foods. They prove that those food items are tasty and savory like any other food sold in the restaurants. Street food items such as chicken intestines, chicken feet, and chicken necks are chargrilled and smoked, which many Filipinos and foreigners alike love to take a bite over and over again. However, eating these kinds of street foods can lead to bad health. In fact, grilled street foods can increase the risks of cancer because the char or coal, which is burnt, can be eaten with the grilled food. Because street foods are cheaper than the food items in the restaurants, they prefer to taste and enjoy eating them without minding the health effects.

Street foods as people call them are not as safe. They are not even cheaper than any other as we think they are. Once people eat street foods, they give themselves health problems and chaos. Since eating street foods is bad for health, people should avoid eating them. These food items are exposed to a lot of bacteria because they are displayed in an air-polluted location. Food items like those that are not cooked properly or washed properly may contain e-coli bacteria, which can cause food poisoning. Even if these street food items are cooked with reused oil, they contain a lot of cholesterol, which can cause high blood pressure. In the end, the promise that street food items offer is death, and no matter how tasty street foods may be, they are no longer safe they are eaten.

Then, there is cancer, which is caused by many factors and eating street food can be a trigger. Grilled street food can increase cancer risk when eating too much. The burnt parts on a chicken cause the most problems according to most research. Grilled street food contains carcinogenic chemicals, which directly damage our DNA that can lead to the development of cancer. So is the risk of cancer worth eating cheaper food?

Furthermore, street foods really are not cheap. When people eat street foods because they are cheap, I highly doubt about them. Though eating one stick worth five pesos of street foods is enough to satisfy hunger, the danger of eating those food items costs millions of pesos or dollars. Now, people must be warned. Street foods are not safe as they are told and believed. So, instead spending money on ordering street food items, people must buy on healthy and bacteria-free food items.

In the end, there is no guarantee if street foods are clean or if the price is worthy to be bought. One important piece of information is that eating street foods harms health. Grilled street foods and others can increase the risks of getting cancer. Spending money on street foods is just a matter of laziness and miscalculation of the price. It is not actually cheaper than they most likely think that they are. That is why street foods are filthy, fatty, and cancerous that they kill people unnoticed.


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