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Egg Cuber

Updated on December 21, 2010

The Egg Cuber For Square Eggs

Kitchen Gadgets are my thing including the Egg Cuber which makes square eggs. I have a drawer in my kitchen with all my little gadgets. Yes, hard boiled square eggs, what a great presentation they make when entertaining.

I absolutely love any kitchen gadget that is extremely easy to use yet makes a startling presentation with no mess and no fuss.

The Handy Dandy Egg Cuber

The Egg Cuber is inexpensive and extremely easy to use. Just add your eggs boil as you normally would and cool in cold water and you now have hard boiled square eggs.

The presentation is absolutely awesome. No more deviled eggs rolling around on the plate. Makes a sensational presentation on any salad or used as a garnish.

The kids will be in awe at the sight of square eggs on their plates. A definite thumbs up for any entertaining or event or even every day use.


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