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10 Bizarre Fruits To Satisfy Your Taste Buds

Updated on July 5, 2020

We all are familiar with apples, mangoes, oranges, and strawberries. But did you know there are some unusual and exotic fruits on earth too?

They are those kinds of bizarre fruits on earth that will satisfy your taste buds to a different level. They are very unique. You might not even wait to eat them after seeing their tantalizing photos and reading about their unique taste.

Some fruits are famous for their sweet taste. While some are desired for their sourness. And then there are also some fruits that are popular for their sweet as well as their tangy tastes.

Exotic fruits are really amazing gifts of nature that have amazing tastes, features, looks, and medicinal properties.

Eat these 10 Healthy and Delicious Fruits to Satisfy Your Taste Buds

Dragon Fruit

Most of us have dreamt of fighting with the bad dragon to save the life of a princess. But we all know that the dragons are not real. But hey, don't get disappointed because you can still impress your princess by offering a dragon fruit which is sweet and pink in color (as it is one of the favorite colors of the girls)

Just like a dragon has scales, this exotic fruit also has scales that are green. And when you will slay the dragon fruit, you will see white flesh decorated with black seeds. The flesh combined with the seeds will give your princess a sweet and crunchy taste that will make her taste buds happy. You can also make a smoothie of the dragon fruit.

You can find the oval-shaped dragon fruits in the farms of Southeast Asia, Mexico, Florida, the Caribbean, Australia, and Mesoamerica.

Red Banana

We all know about yellow bananas, Right? But have you ever thought of bananas being red? Yup, you read it right. There are these bizarre bananas that are red in color. They not only taste sweeter than the usual yellow bananas but also have the essence of raspberry (that's like buying one banana ice cream and getting raspberry ice cream free. Amazing, Right?)

Their botanical name is Red Dacca and they are cultivated in Asia, East Africa, South America and the United Arab Emirates.


Jackfruit belongs to the family Moraceae. It is one of the largest fruit in the world and tastes sweet. Sometimes, this fruit also has a pinch of banana or pineapple-like taste.

Did you know that jackfruit weight is 55 Kgs, its length is 95 cm and its diameter is 50 cm?

Here is one more interesting fact about the jackfruit. If it is unripe, then it can be used as a meat-substitute in various vegetarian dishes.

This tropical fruit is best grown between May to November and appears in ellipsoidal to roundish shape.

Jackfruit is formed by the fusion of multiple flowers and appears in greenish-yellow to brownish-yellow in color.

They are used in various dessert dishes like cakes, custards, and ice creams. Furthermore, jackfruits are also used as toppings for pizzas. Plus, the fruit can also be used in making Idlis and Dosas. Their seeds are eatable and can be eaten as boiled, roasted, or baked. You must eat the roasted version of the seed as it smells like chocolate.

Jackfruit is a national fruit of Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. It is cultivated at the highest rate in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, China, and the Philippines.

Passion Fruit

An oval-shaped exotic fruit filled with passion!

This fruit evolves from the passionflower. The outer surface of this fruit is hard and appears in either yellow or dark purple color. Passion fruit is juicy from inside and it is also filled with 250 black seeds. These seeds are eatable and the fruit tastes sweet as well as sour.

You can eat this fruit sprinkled with sugar or chilly powder. The passion fruits can also be used as toppings for cakes and ice creams. It can also be used in fruit salads. Passion fruits can also be used in making tantalizing cocktails and juices.

This fruit is native to southern Brazil and also has a charming aroma. Hence it is also used in making perfumes.

Buddha's Hand

A bright yellow aromatic fruit that has fingers!

The fruit Buddha's Hands belongs to the family Rutaceae and is used at a high rate in the perfume-making industry. This fruit is also presented as an offering to Lord Buddha.

This citrus fruit is best grown in winters and its rind is used to make marinades and James. The fruit is also used in making desserts and beverages.

Buddha's Hand doesn't contain any pulp and can grow up to 12 inches. This good luck fruit is cultivated in northeastern India and southwest China.

Brazilian Grape Tree

Is it a fruit? Is it a tree? What is it?

The answer is very simple, It is Cauliflory!

Which means it is a tree where first the flowers and then the violet grapes grow directly out of its trunk.

The Brazilian grape tree is also known as Jaboticaba and belongs to the family Myrtaceae. It is a slow-growing tree and can be grown 13m tall.

Besides Brazil, The Jaboticaba is also cultivated in Bolivia, Paraguay, and Argentina.

This Jaboticaba fruit is delicious to eat and can be used in preparing sweet dishes like ice creams, cakes, muffins, and more. Brazilian grapes can also be used in making juices. Furthermore, the fruit also has various health benefits and medicinal properties.

Mangosteen fruit

Mangosteen is a fruit that offers two tastes in one bite. In this one bite, you will enjoy the charming sweetness as well as the crazy tanginess of the fruit.

The Mangosteen fruit is also famous as "The Queen of Fruits" because for many ages it has been very popular amongst the royal family of England.

These fruits originate from southeastern Asia and appear round and purple in color. They have juicy white pulp decorated with seeds. This fruit is used in various desserts but is mostly famous for its juice.

Mangosteen belongs to the family Clusiaceae and is also cultivated in Southwest India. The fruit also grows in the tropical areas of Puerto Rico, Colombia, and Florida.

Mangosteen fruit is healthy to eat as it is enriched with vitamin C and antioxidants. The fruit is also used as a dye for textile coloring. Moreover, it also consists of various medical properties.

Did you know Mangosteen Fruit is the national fruit of Thailand?

Hanuman Phal

Hanuman Phal is also known as Soursop and has a lot of nutritional values like vitamin C and fiber. It tastes sweet and also has an essence of strawberry and pineapple.

Soursop belongs to family Annonaceae and appears light green in color. It has a leather-like skin and is huge. Inside of it is white flesh and multiple seeds.

Hanuman fruit is widely used in the preparation of dessert dishes like cakes, ice creams, and puddings. It is also used in various sweet dishes of India.


Who said stars are found only in the sky? Stars are also found in the world full of fruits. Yup, you heard it right! It is a fruit that when cut appears like a delicious and juicy star.

This bizarre star fruit originates from south-east Asia and is famous for its antioxidant properties.

Carambola appears yellow in color and is 3 to 6 inches in length. The small star fruit will taste sour and the larger star fruit will taste sweet.

They are also used in preparing delicious dishes like pie, puddings, jam, jelly, juices, curries, salads, and more.

Horned Melon

Horned melon's outer color is orange and they have spines. Inside of this unusual fruit, you will find jelly-like flesh. And this flesh looks like a honeycomb with each cell of it appearing green. These cells have yellow outer lines. Horned melon
tastes like cucumber as well as a banana.

They are native to Africa and can be used in fruit salads and cocktails. Horned melons are very good toppings for vanilla ice cream and yogurt.

Which is your favourite fruit ?

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This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Prithviraj Shirole


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