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Exotic Fruit

Updated on October 21, 2011

Exotic Fruit

Exotic Fruit

This Lense is devoted to providing you with the knowledge of exotic fruits, how to identify them and how to eat them! I hope you find everything you are looking for in the sections below. If you have any inquiries about other fruits that are not listed please feel free to email me.

Also see our Fruit of The Month article near the bottom of this page for in depth information on the favored fruit!

Great Titles On Exoctic Fruit

If you want to do some additional reading up on exotic fruit then these are some great books to get started on!

Star Fruit

This fruit is famous for its five-pointed star shape.
Color varies from green to a yellow-orange depending on the variety.
It has a core like an apple with seeds enclosed.
Simply slice into thin stars and eat flesh and skin.
Great sliced as a garnish for cakes or salads.


This fruit grows on a large tree and is a beautiful red-pink fruit.
It grows in large clusters on ends of branches.
Lychees have a firm outer shell that is not edible.
The inside is a soft, white, eyeball-like flesh that has a very sweet taste.
Great in a milk or yogurt-based smoothie.


Logans are a small round light brown fruit that grow in large clusters on the tree.
Just like a lychee they must be peeled before eaten. The flesh is white and tastes like a sweet green bean.
Good source of vitamins!


Pomegranate grows on a thick vine and starts as a red flower.
The fruit is round and has a small flower-like protrusion on one side.
The fruit is juiced and used as a natural health drink.
The inside is made up of small seeds surrounded with flesh. Just eat the red flesh and spit out the seeds.
Juice makes a healthy drink rich in vitamins.

Books about Fruit

If you want to do some additional reading up on exotic fruit then these are some great titles to get started on!


A sapodilla is a brown fruit that comes in many sizes depending
on the species. To tell if one is ripe scratch the skin if it is green it's
 not ripe if it's brown its ready to eat! Do not eat the skin or the seed. The fruit tastes
 like a pear with brown sugar. If fruit is not ripe it is very starchy.

Sugar Apple

A sugar apple grows on a medium sized tree. It is ripe when the sections
begin to open up and reveal an off white inside. To eat simply break in half with hands and eat with a spoon. Great in a smoothie!

Black Sapote

A black sapote is a round fruit with the flavor of chocolate and a pudding
 consistency.Cut off top and scoop out inside and serve. Good
 substitute for pudding, because its healthier!


A pumalo is a type of citrus that is larger than a grapefruit. when ripe they
turn yellow. Eat as you would any citrus fruit, peel then eat. It tastes much
 like a grapefruit without the bitterness. Juice is a good
 source of vitamins.


A persimmon is an orange fruit that looks similar to a tomato. There are two
 varieties of this fruit, one of which is small and round and can be eaten right
 off the tree skin and all. The other variety is larger and must
 be picked and softened then eaten. Great
in an ice cream based smoothie

Passion Fruit

This fruit is a reddish purple and very smooth. it grows on a vine with a beautiful flower. There is also a wild variety that is much smaller and very sweet. It is bright red in color. Wait till the fruit starts to shrivel then slice open and eat flesh off of the seeds. It is a very sour fruit but it tastes great!
Flowers make a great garnish!

Monstera Deliciouso

This fruit grows on a large leafed vine that grows up tall trees such as palms. The fruit
grows out of the center of the plant.To eat break off each section(little hexagons)
and eat attached flesh. tastes much like a pineapple. Great in a smoothie!

Jack fruit

This is a very unique fruit that has a spiky outer shell. The fruit grows anywhere from
10-100lbs(that's one big fruit!). The fruit is hard to clean because of the sticky sap
 inside. The skin must be removed along with the sap, fruit casing, and
seeds. Chill in freezer before eating for best taste.


This is an easily identified fruit it is black, about the size of a grape, and the fruit
 grows on the bark of the tree. The tree is a small bushy tree. To eat remove
 shell and eat white flesh. The fruit has a peculiar but wonderful
 taste. Good source of Vitamin C!

Horned Mellon

This is an odd fruit that is orange and yellow and has spikes on the skin of the fruit.
The inside is a bright green. Cut open and eat green
 flesh off of the seeds.

Dragon Fruit

Dragon fruit comes from a cactus . There are many varieties varying from a purple skin

to a pink skin. To eat slice and eat the white flesh and seeds. !!(Be careful when slicing,

some varieties have tiny thorns that will irritate skin)!!


Dates come from a large variety of date palm. The tree grows up to 40ft. tall

and has 8in. spikes. The dates grow in large clusters at top of tree.Peel the date and eat flesh and spit out seeds. The fruit can also be dried and eaten dried.


This is an odd fruit that when cut in half looks like a heart. It is orange in color and about the size of a soft ball. It tastes much like a pumpkin or sweet potato. To eat first let soften off of tree like you would a peach. then cut off top and scoop out the orange flesh. The texture is similar to that of an egg yolk. This is a recipe for a great shake-1 canistel, two cups of ice cream, 1/2tsp cinnamon. Blend.


A calamondon is a small citrus fruit that tastes like a sour tangerine. This fruit can be eaten skin and all. The skin is sweet so it balances out the sourness of the fruit. Great with salt for a sour snack!


An atemoya is related to a sugar apple. The fruit looks similar but is generally larger. An atemoyahas dull spikes protruding from the fruit. This fruit is a little difficult to tell if its ripe. If the fruit is able to be easily broken in half in hands it is ripe and can be eaten with a spoon. Great in a smoothie!

Fruit Salsa with Tortillas

Fruit salsa

1 Large Mango

3 Kiwi

2 Apple

1 Pint of strawberries

1/2 Pint of raspberries(frozen ones will work)

3 Tbs of raspberry jelly

1 cup of powdered sugar

Chop all ingredients except for the jelly and the sugar and stir. Then add the sugar and jelly stir again and chill.


1 pack of small soft flour tortillas

1 can of spray Canola oil

- sugar

- cinnamon

Quarter the small tortillas and coat with canola oil. Sprinkle sugar and cinnamon on both sides of of the soft chips. Then deep fry until firm and crunchy(if you don't have a deep fryer bake on 350 for 10-15min).

I hope you don't need these last instructions but...

Scoop salsa on to chip, eat, and enjoy!


Grafting is a process used in growing many different types of fruit trees. To make a graft on a tree a cut is made in the bark and into the wood of a sapling that has grown up from seed. In the cut is placed the end of a young branch from an already fruiting tree. Then the graft must be kept moist and warm. This is most commonly achieved by wrapping it in moist paper towels and then wrapping aluminum foil around that. The paper towels keep it moist and the foil absorbs the sunlight and heats it, thereby providing a humid environment for the graft to grow. The branch from the fruiting tree will begin to establish itself. Once it is established all of the original sapling above the graft can be cut off. Then a beautiful fruiting tree will grow. Scientists use this technique along with others to improve growth and fruit production of trees that are harvested for commercial goods.

Fruit of the month!

'Fruit of the Month' is my favorite fruit that's in season

This months featured fruit is the PUMALO! A pumalo is a type of citrus that is larger than a grapefruit. when ripe they turn yellow. Eat as you would any citrus fruit, peel then eat. It tastes much like a grapefruit without the bitterness. Juice is a good source of vitamins.

Other Exotic Fruit Sites

Here are some top notch sites about exotic fruits and more!

Kousa Fruit
Kousa Fruit

Viewers Finds!

Kousa Fruit- the Kousa fruit is from the Kousa Dogwood which is a common ornamental tree for its beautiful white flowers in the springtime. The fruit is edible and said to be very tasty!


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