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Leslie's Exquisite Jams Fruits & Sauces Canned in Tiny Batches

Updated on February 3, 2014

Recipe Links are Listed Here - all but the Dill Pickles are Sugar Free

All my home canned items are full of organic nourishment because I've decided to ensure that GMOs and pesticides don't touch my lips.

It's a challenge to satisfy my sweet cravings by following my visual heart, and buying specialty jams and other spreads, for two reasons.

First, they look good. The labels are either Retro in appearance and harken back to the days before chemicals bathed our food crops and extended the shelf life of our cling peaches to ten years; or second, they've got digitally enhanced photos of the most colorful of their contents.

I admit it; I'm an emotional eater and my tummy wants satisfaction now. In years past, though, during the drought of my canning life after raising children and striking out on my own, I fell for the most seductive of the two, figuring that ignorance was bliss regarding additives.

My current streak of good health, however, prompted me to resurrect my canning skills and put them to good use, concocting tantalizing exquisite specialty items that boast intensity of color and piquant taste. I'm sharing my recipes for these little jewels of canning in a series of articles on Squidoo, and listing some here.

The Recipes are all printable. Just click the Print button. Have fun!

ALL photographs are mine © 2013 by Leslie Sinclair --- don't use them --- I care!

Nowadays Canning Is Often a Guy Thing

I'm no longer surprised to learn whose husband, and whose son - mine - is now doing the family canning.

My younger son lives half a continent away from me and he learned to can from his father-in-law! I didn't know real men lived in Texas during the last generation, but these are Mike's time-tested recipes he taught my kid.

I left a visit to some dear friends and former neighbors with a jar of jam in hand - prepared and gifted by the husband of the team! Whoopee! What a joy.

The Old Woody Was One of My Mom's Last Gifts To Me - it's tied back to our trips over the Alaskan Highway when she was 27 and we were 3 preschoolers. I keep it

You Can Have a 1948 Ford Woody Too

Revell 1:25 '48 Ford Woody Model Kit
Revell 1:25 '48 Ford Woody Model Kit

The pic shows a dark color but Amazon also sells the lighter wood color like we had. Mine is keepsake, forever linked with those adventures over the long gravel highway.


#1 - My Refrigerator's Like a Fresh Ginger Cold Storage Unit - Here's the Bubbling Jam

ginger's become a staple for me

Who knew that a complication of chemo would seize me, and in turn, an earthquake-like conviction to conquer the nerve pain upset my customary diet, thrusting up a layer of good new eating habits, topped by a layer of fresh ginger.

I grew up on dark rich moist gingerbread, but I wouldn't have recognized a funky clump of ginger root if you handed it to me.

And if you gave me some and told me what it was I wouldn't have had the foggiest notion of what to do with it. I remember the first time i peeled a hunk of ginger root.

I didn't know what to do. The skin is so thin, and I am so accustomed to soaking my veggies in a special non-chemical fruit and vegetable wash - it seemed like the ginger would get all soggy and then how would I get the skin off, I ask you.

Then I just started peeling my ginger root with my trusty potato peeler. But I'm nothing if not frugal - so how could I reconcile wasting that layer of buff colored moist ginger that came off with the onionskin (the paper kind you young folks won't recognize) peel? I couldn't.

It hit me - a perfect use for my favorite little big knife that's dulled over the years, and I think it's the kind that can't be sharpened, but it feels so good in my hand - what with the soft clunky handle - that I couldn't bear to toss it. So it became my go-to implement for removing that bee's wing-thin skin. I scrape the skin away. It's fast and I'm frugal too.

The Ripe Apricots on My Counter Lured Me Into Coupling Them With Ginger

That's just what I did, and I tell you all about it in this link. It has all kinds of striking photos of my process. You're gonna wanna see them!

Leslie Married Apricots & Ginger

Who Can Resist Ginger Like This

#2 - I Combined Fresh Orange with Trusty Ginger & Punched It With Cardamon in this Sugar-free Sauce

A little orange goes a long way with me, but I do sometimes crave the flavor. Mostly, citrus is a no-no for me, so the only oranges I eat raw are Satsumas, especially those from Japan.

They have the sweetest, purest, juiciest taste that's just right for me. But it's Summer and I picked a big ripe Valencia orange that was bursting with juice. It was just right.

I wanted to make an orange sauce that was smart and sophisticated to top some cream scone shortcakes I was planning to smother with sliced and slightly sweetened fresh peaches.

These were white peaches and their flavor is just too mild for me. I want a robust peach, but these were elegant and most of all - ripe.

My recipe teaches how to make a marvelous sauce in a flash, a sauce that will perfume your home with delight. It's fantastic on the peach shortcake as well as over pound cake, angel food cake, or ice cream. I topped it with a puff of home whipped cream. The photographs will knock your socks off.

Leslie Combined Cardamon in a Sauce

#3 - Raspberry Jam Without the Sugar

Adding cinnamon to fresh ripe red raspberries elevates the taste above the ordinary and presents a delight to the senses. Raspberries have long been my red berry of choice.

As a child I loved raspberries so much I risked encounting some dusty little spiders who took up residence in our patch, as if it was their realm.

I had to hold my breath and squint my eyes to get up the courage to brush a spider off a leaf or off the berry itself, but do it I did, because I relished the taste of the jams and pies Mom and I made for the family. Here's my modern rendition of jam.

Leslie's Premium Raspberry Jam

#4 - I Like to Have a Few Jars of Sugar-free Sliced Peaches for Winter

My heavy duty canning years were spent in an agricultural valley, next door to a hot valley that grew such fruits as I can't find in the urban scene.

But I found some ripe and ready organic peaches a few days ago at an organic produce store. The look and the feel said pick me and, pick I did.

I came home with eight large gorgeous peaches, red gold and fragrant. My order of bulk cinnamon bark had arrived and it was perfect for complementing the peaches. Here is my recipe for these special treats.

Leslie's Little Spicy Peaches

A Special Bonus to the Canned Fruit

I use the leftover syrup for a zesty sauce that also utilizes the trimmings from the peaches' bruise spots and overripe and jagged bits.

#5 - Low Glycemic Index Sweetened Cinnamon Spiced Peach Treat

When I cook up something ultra flavorful, like my cinnamon canned peaches, using no refined sugar, I like to make a little something special for that day's meal too.

In this case I used the excess seasoning syrup that didn't fit in the canning jars as a base for a splendid dessert that has an enhanced flavor punch.

I had reserved the cinnamon sticks that flavored the canning syrup so I returned them to the pan and added a few additional ingredients that were also left over from canning and created a fabulous treat.

Leslie's Healthy Organic Sweetened Cinnamon Sauce

Comments - Does This Make You Feel Ready to Get Started on Some of Your Own?

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      5 years ago

      Vera interesting lens. I like the rasperry jam without sugar.


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