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Fast Food Facts You and Your Children Should Be Aware Of

Updated on April 22, 2016
Fast food is harmful for kids of all ages
Fast food is harmful for kids of all ages


Children tend to copy the behavior and habits of their parents and adults, who surround them every day. So, there is no sense to wonder that your 3-year old kid refuses to eat fresh and healthy homemade food, giving preference to fast food products if you lead the same lifestyle. It goes without saying that these products may taste better. They may also be aromatic due to the artificial flavors and chemicals that give these products bright, colorful and so tempting appeal that it is often impossible for a child to take his/her eyes of them. In such situations, everything depends on parents. If they wish to please their kids in any way and offer them hamburgers, fried potatoes, Coca Cola, potato chips and other “delicious” treats on a daily basis, they will, sooner or later, regret their behavior. This is because these products only seem to be created for kids. Reality, though, often proves to be quite harsh. Fast food is nothing more than just a way of making money by huge and world-known companies, which just claim to take care of their customers’ health, but keep offering them fast food products, rich in fats, harmful chemicals, artificial additives and other components, which do harm to the young (and adult) organisms.

Fast food negatively affects all the systems of a human organism
Fast food negatively affects all the systems of a human organism

What Makes Fast Food Dangerous?

As mentioned above, the prevailing amount of fast food products contain harmful ingredients and chemicals, which affect different systems and organs of human organisms. They are oversaturated with these ingredients and are manufactured with the only intention in mind – to give people the feeling of fullness when consuming the products. At the same time, they just cannot supply the organism with the required amount of vitamins, microelements and other nutrients, which are required for its development and health. It does not really matter, how old your child is – regular consumption of fast food products may result in the following health problems:

  • Respiratory problems and allergic reactions, especially in kids, who are subjected to these diseases
  • Gastrointestinal diseases triggered by the poor digesting of low-fiber dishes
  • Problems with teeth that are the result of the excessive concentration of sugar and other ingredients, which violate the pH balance in the oral cavity of a person
  • Liver and kidney diseases, which are “overloaded” with harmful ingredients contained in the fast food products
  • Obesity and excess weight

What Fast Food Products Are the Most Harmful?

All fast food products are harmful and there cannot be any doubts about that. However, some of them should be avoided most of all and it is a must for each parent to be aware of this list.

Chocolate bars and lollipops often trigger allergic reactions and are bad for kids' teeth
Chocolate bars and lollipops often trigger allergic reactions and are bad for kids' teeth

Chocolate Bars and Lollipops

There is hardly a child, who does not like chocolates and candies. This is what the manufacturers of these products make use of. It may initially seem that these delicious treats do not do any harm to kids, but you should know that chocolate and chemicals contained in the treats often trigger allergic reactions. Furthermore, all candies affect the nervous system of a child, ruin dental enamel and affect the digestive system. So, if your child eats these products every day, you should not be surprised that he/she is too nervous, has excessive kilos and bad teeth.

Fast food is rich in components that are reported to cause oncology diseases.
Fast food is rich in components that are reported to cause oncology diseases.

Hamburgers, Pizza and French Fries

These are traditional fast food products both kids and adults are crazy about. By the way, experts have found out that the more often you consume these foods, the more desire you will have to buy them. This is because the products can be called “addictive”, with all those ingredients they contain. But that’s not it! Fast food is rich in components that are reported to cause oncology diseases. This especially concerns French fries and all those treats that have a golden brown cover. For instance, French fries is the dish, which is cooked in the same oil over and over again, which is simply inadmissible.

Children under 6 years ols should never consume fast food
Children under 6 years ols should never consume fast food

Hot Dogs and Potato Chips

There is hardly a child, who hasn’t tasted potato chips or hot dogs in his/her life. Meanwhile, these fast food products are also associated with cancer, because they are rich is salt and preservatives. The quality of sausages and other ingredients used in the production of these dishes leaves much to be desired as well, which also puts the health of your kids at risk.

Offer your kids fresh and healthy homemade food regularly!
Offer your kids fresh and healthy homemade food regularly!

What Is the Way Out?

Nobody can make you forbid your kids to eat fast food. Nobody, but you! Regardless of the age of your child, try to explain the harm these products do to people and the consequences they may face in future. As far as the kids copy your behavior in many situations, you should also avoid eating these dishes, no matter how tasty and appetizing they are. Children under 6 years old should not even try them. However, if you still like fast food, you can eat the products once or twice a month, paying special attention to their quality and the places, where you buy them. In this case, you will be maximally protected from all the possible negative consequences. May you and your families be healthy!


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