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Fast Food

Updated on April 24, 2015
Fast food: Burger
Fast food: Burger

The preparation time of fast food is low. It's ingredients are precooked and preheated. It is sold to customers in packaged form.In 1950s it gained popularity in United States of America. Fast food restaurants are also known by the name of quick service restaurants. Fast food restaurants came into existence with the concept of urban lifestyle. In urban lifestyle there is no time to cook.There is whole day work of 20 hours.

Kids Love Fast Food

It is thought that fast food is a favourite among children. Kids are fans of fast food. The survival of the fast food industry depends on them.If by some way we make the children understand the negative effects of fast food on their health and these children leave fast food and switch over to healthy food, this industry may turn bearish.

Fast food: Fried Chowmein
Fast food: Fried Chowmein

Chew on This

"Chew on This" is a bestseller by Eric Schlosser and Charles Wilson.Here the author shares the story behind hamburgers with youngsters. He shares with them the story of animals, how they are mistreated in slaughterhouses.He also shares the I'll effects of fast food on us.

Chew on This lists some facts which are as following:

1.More than 10 teaspoon of sugar are present in a can of soda.

2.Chicken are stomped or thrown against wall to kill in slaughterhouses.

3.A single hamburger may be made from thousands of different cattle.

4.Beef can be contaminated with E coli 0157:H7.

5.Leftover of slaughterhouses is sometimes present in chicken feed.This has turned chickens into cannibals.

The Human Body

Schlosser and surgeon Mehmat Oz take a tour of the human body.Doctor Oz shows the difference between healthy parts and diseased parts.Chew on This is an expose of fast food industry. It gives children information on fast food. It had talked about a teenaged boy who takes a gastric bypass surgery and a girl aged 12 years who undertakes a campaign to remove machines of soda from her school."Stop the Pop" was the name of her campaign. The book tells 9 million of American children are obese."Fast Food nation the dark side of the all American meal" is a book by Eric Schlosser on the subject.There is a BBC film named "Fast Food nation".

Food that has no fibre is Junk Food.

Lane Food

Kiosks are outlets for fast food. There is a book on this named "Fast food: roadside restaurants in the automobile age"."Life in the fast food lane"is a video related to it.

Junk food and fast food

Junk food is also called fast food. It is unhealthy food.Burgers,fried chicken,pizza,fish,chips are popular fast food examples. Mc Donalds,doughnuts, KFC,Hot dogs,meat pies,Pizza Hut are some examples.

Fast food: Pizza
Fast food: Pizza

In fast food nutritional value is compromised

Fast food is produced in large quantity to decrease costs.Nutritional value of such foods is less.Preparation of ingredients takes place at other places. They are brought from there and reheated at restaurants.

Explamples of such foods is fried noodles.

Fast food restaurants

$100 billion dollar is spent in America on fast food. Everyday there are 40 million customers in Mc Donalds alone in over 100 countries.

Fast food causing health problems

Fast food menus are being tried to be improved by lowering fat content in them as there is arising weight gain problem due to fast food around the world.

Diabetes risk has increased.

Health costs are increasing due to fast food.

Americans and fast food

Americans flock around fast food as bees flock around honey.Obesity has risen to a high.

Eat greens instead of fast food.

Quality is compromised

Chicken nuggets have a preservative called tertiary but ugly del quinine.It is a derivative of petroleum-a stuff used in our cars.

The quality of ingredients is compromised in fast food. The lettuce leaves are wilted.Chicken which we get is extra chewy.Cheapest am mal parts are used to make them.We don't which meat has been used to make them,which animal meat is it?


We don't know whether the employee who handled your burger had clean hands or not.

It may be that before giving you burger he was playing with raw meat.This may cause food poisoning.

Frozen foods may have been transferred to dirty microwaves.

The crispy chicken salad may have 18 gm of fat aMc Donalds.If it has dressing on it,its fat content may rise to 36 gm.Fake sweeteners in desserts may cause obesity.

Let us cook food at home.These are high in nutritional value. & protect us from diseases.

Food cooked at home is hygienic also and high in quality also.

We will have to spend less money on healthcare.

A little change in lifestyle is needed.A little change in mindset also is needed.Eat healthy food.Keep away from excessive fast food consumption.

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    • sriv profile imageAUTHOR

      Parul Srivastava 

      3 years ago from Lucknow,India

      Very True.Thanks for visiting and commenting.

    • terriskitchen profile image

      Terri Mitchell 

      3 years ago from Dartmoor

      Great article on fast food. Pitty everyone doesn't have this knowledge.


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