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Fermented Cassava (Tapey Singkong)

Updated on May 23, 2013

Healthy Delicious Food from Indonesia

We know that most of Asian food are fermented food, like Ketchup, tempoyak - Durian Sweet Jelly, Tempeh - Fermented Soya, and so on. By consuming this fermented food, will help you to get better food compound, as the good bacteria will break the main compound (glucose, protein) become "simple compound" - monosacharide, amino acid, etc - which will be easier to digest by our body.

Fermented Cassava or we call it as Tapey (read : Ta - pey) in East Java, and "Peuyem" (read Pe like in Pearl, and Yem) made from cassava, which is easy to grow in Indonesia, you can eat the young leaves of cassava as vegetable. It take 3 days to make Tapey, and we need good bacteria - Rhizopus sp in fermentation process. You don't need to get the bacteria by yourself, we can buy instant khamir (Ragi Tapey) in the market

The yeast we use is different to bakery yeast, it's easy to find this kind of yeast in Indonesia. let me show you the picture of "Ragi Tapey"

Cassava Root
Cassava Root

Do you know cassava??

Cassava is one of tropical plant, easy to grow especially in good sunny weather, we can consume the leaves as vegetables, and the root as starchy tuberous root. like potato or sweet potato. Cassava is good source for carbohydrate, and in Indonesia we have yellow cassava for sweeter taste than white cassava

It's great experience harvesting cassava, enjoy the way you pull the tree, and this not simple deal, if you don't pull it correctly, the cassava will broken and half part will stay inside the soil. My grandma said, need good cassava to make good tapey - fermented cassava, choose the yellow cassava for better taste and better performance.

Summer is the best time to get cassava, as not too much water absorbed, and it will keep the natural sweet taste of cassava. If you can't make Tapey, just boil the cassava or make it as cake for your evening tea time

In big industry, they make cassava as Tapioca starch for multipurpose function in food industry.

There are two kind of cassava based on it's color (the inside part - edible), Yellow cassava and White Cassava. The yellow cassava has more Vitamin A compound than white one

Cassava farm
Cassava farm

Where the cassava came from?

I don't know exactly who the first time know that this "magic root" is edible, Thanks God I live in Indonesia, that we have lot of different plant collection in our rain forest.

Aunt wiki said that Cassava - Manihot utilissima - first known from South America, in Brazil and Paraguay, this plant grow rapidly in tropical and subtropical area. Nowadays you can see cassava plantation in Africa, Southeast Asia like in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand.

In 2002, total world production of cassava reached up to 184 million Ton, the largest producer is from Africa 99, 1 million Ton, and 33,2 million Ton from America Latin and Caribbean island. This plant first introduced to Indonesia by Portuguese in 16th century which originally taken from Brazil. then in 1810, Dutch that occupied our country at that time, instructed the people to plant this tree commercially.

In Indonesia, this cassava become main food since many years ago beside rice, corn, and pearl sago. Not all Indonesian consume cassava as their daily meals, trend and lifestyle change people behavior, especially in the big city. They consume bread, cereal, and junk food as lifestyle, and think that consuming cassava is out of date

In fact, cassava is much healthier than junk food, and also cheaper!

When I was lil girl, my grandma made me steamed cassava then sow salt + sugar on it as my evening snack, and sometimes she made me "Kolak Singkong" a traditional cuisine like sweet soup with coconut milk.. ehhmm so delicious!

Now lot of chef and people who aware of healthy food, try to explore cassava by making good healthy food to taste. They serve not only "plain cassava" but they make brownies cassava, cake, snacks, traditional cake even chips

cassava tree
cassava tree

Which one cassava is the best one?

nutrition fact of white cassava VS yellow cassava

Well I don't know exactly the best one of cassava based on it's chemical compound, but we can choose the good one by checking the edible part. You can compare the skin color of the cassava, some of them are white and some of them are bit yellow

based on nutrition fact info, that I get from good source, this the different nutrition fact of white cassava and yellow cassava in 100 grams

Nutrition Compound White Cassava Yellow Cassava

1. Calorie (cal) 146.00 157.00

2. Protein (g) 1.20 0.80

3. Carbohydrate (g) 34.70 37.90

4. Calcium (mg) 33.00 33.00

5. Phosphate (mg) 40.00 40.00

6. Zink /Iron (mg) 0.70 0.70

7. Vitamin A (IU) 0 385.00

8. Vitamin B1 (mg) 0.06 0.06

9. Vitamin C (mg) 30.00 30.00

10. Water (g) 62.50 60.00

11. Edible part (%) 75.00 75.00

So which one is best for you ?!

Tapey Singkong Bondowoso, packed in Bamboo basket
Tapey Singkong Bondowoso, packed in Bamboo basket

Nutrition Fact of Fermented Cassava

based on Nutrition Department of Indonesia

Don't you know that consuming Tapey Singkong - Fermented Cassava will get good advantages for our health. in 100 grams of Tapey Singkong contains :

1. Energy (Kcal) 173

2. Protein (Gr) 0.5

3. Fat (Gr) 0.1

4. Carbohydrate (Gr) 42.5

5. Calcium (mg) 30

6. Fosfor (mg) 30

7. Iron (mg) 0

8. Vitamin B1 (mg) 0.07

9. Water (Gr) 56.1

people said consuming Tapey Singkong can help you reducing acne problem, as Vitamin B1 inside the tapey will help you to smooth your skin. and if you have "Lactose Intolerance", you can take this tapey singkong to fulfill your calcium need.

The taste of tapey is sour sweet in smooth texture, but Tapey singkong from Bondowoso city is the best one, I do agree about this, it's firm smooth texture, good yellow color, and sweet.

Tapay Singkong - Fermented Cassava
Tapay Singkong - Fermented Cassava

Preparing the ingredient is very easy and simple, but it take 3 days to get the fermentation process well done

this I share you how to make the fermented cassava - tapey singkong

Cook Time

Prep Time: 2 hours

Total Time: 3 days

Serves: 1 basket


  • 1.5 kg Cassava
  • 1.5 block of Ragi Yeast (+/- 10 grams)
  • Water for boiling the cassava
  • Banana Leaf / Alumunium foil


  1. 1. Peel up the cassava, and wash it until clean and shiny skin
  2. 2. Prepare the boiling water, and cook the cassava until well done cook
  3. 3. Take the cooked cassava, drain it and wait until getting cooler
  4. 4. Prepare bamboo basket / plastic basket, put the banana leaf / aluminum foil as base layer
  5. 5. Mashed the Ragi Yeast block into powder, and sprinkle the cassava with the yeast thoroughly
  6. 6. Wrap all the cooked cassava with banana leaf / aluminum foil and keep in warm temperature (minimum 27 degree celcius) for 3 days
  7. 7. The Ragi yeast will work to break the carbohydrate compound become CO2 and alcohol compound
  8. 8. Do not open the wrap until 3 days, it will break the bacteria
  9. 9. After 3 days, you will smell the good aroma of Tapey Singkong, and ready to eat
5 stars from 1 rating of How to make Tapey Singkong - Fermented Cassava

the idea for cassava

Sweet Mead Activator Wyeast ACT4184- 4.25 oz.
Sweet Mead Activator Wyeast ACT4184- 4.25 oz.

It's bit difficult to get Rhizopus sp. yeast outside Indonesia, but you may take this yeast for Fermented Cassava home made

Arico Cassava CrispRoot Ridged Cassava Root Chips Sea Salt -- 5 oz
Arico Cassava CrispRoot Ridged Cassava Root Chips Sea Salt -- 5 oz

Don't want break your diet by consuming potato chips, try this delicious cassava chips ..get more fiber and lot less fat than potato

Cassava - Avg 10 Lb Case
Cassava - Avg 10 Lb Case

This what we call "Singkong" in Indonesia, you can make it as cake or evening snack, by frying, boiling, or fermenting

Cassava Flour (32oz) By Choice
Cassava Flour (32oz) By Choice

Delicious cake, you can combine with wheat flour to get gluten function, as cassava flour doesn't have gluten compound

Fried Tapey with different toping
Fried Tapey with different toping

Fried Tapey Singkong

This the alternative serving of Tapey Singkong. If you have couple of bar Tapey singkong in your fridge, then cut it into a slice (10 cm), then dip it into the flour liquid, and fry it.

good match for your evening tea snack

Prep time: 45 min
Ready in: 45 min
Yields: 5 slices


  • 2 bar of Tapey Singkong
  • 2 tbs wheat flour
  • 1 teaspoon vanila powder / essence
  • Cheese / palm sugar powder
  • 250 ml water
  • adequate salt


  1. 1. Cut tapey singkong bar into 2 or 3 slices
  2. 2. Put wheat flour, water, vanilla powder and salt into a bowl then mix it become liquid starch
  3. 3. Make round / block shape of tapey singkong then dip it into the liquid starch
  4. 4. Prepare your frying pan, and then fry the tapey singkong until the color become yellow
  5. 5. Drain it, and if you love cheese, you can put cheese scrap as topping
  6. 6. Ready to serve with a glass of tea or coffee
roasted tapey singkong - banana leave
roasted tapey singkong - banana leave

Roasted Tapey Singkong

This is one of my favorite snack, wrap the tapey singkong with banana leaf, put some palm sugar inside the tapay singkong then roasted it.. hmmm yummyy!

Prep time: 1 hour
Ready in: 1 hour
Yields: 1 portion


  • 500 grams tapey singkong
  • 100 grams palm sugar
  • banana leaf / aluminum foil
  • cheese as topping


  1. 1. Take 500 grams tapey singkong, then steam it for a while (+/- 30 minute)
  2. 2. Wait a few minute until the steamed tapey singkong getting cooler
  3. 3. Put into banana leave, and insert some palm sugar on it
  4. 4. wrap them in one
  5. 5. roasted for about 20 -30 minute
  6. 6. open the banana leaves, give cheese scarp as topping
  7. 7. Ready to serve
Hot Wedang Tapey
Hot Wedang Tapey

Tapey Hot Drink

We can made beverage from Tapey, as it will warm you like ginger

try this recipe for your alternative hot drink in winter. Indonesia people do love sugar on their food & drinks

that's why I always put sugar on my recipes even the ingredient (tapey singkong) is already sweet

you may also add ice block if you want enjoying it on summer time!

Prep time: 10 min
Ready in: 10 min
Yields: 1 glass


  • 1 bar tapey singkong
  • hot water
  • sugar


  1. 1. Put 1 bar tapey singkong in your glass, mashed it
  2. 2. add some sugar (optional)
  3. 3. Pour hot water on it, and stir it thoroughly
  4. 4. Ready to serve
Getuk Lindri with Cheese topping
Getuk Lindri with Cheese topping

Our Traditional Cake from Cassava

I will introduce you some traditional / local snacks / cake made from cassava beside Tapey Singkong, here we go :

1. Getuk Lindri -

this snack made from cassava by steaming the cassava, mash it and then add some additional

ingredient (sugar, margarine, coconut scrap, vanilla essence, and food color). Mix them at one

then put the dough into Noodle machine, and make swirl or layer. then add some coconut scarp

or cheese as topping

2. Klepon Singkong :

this sticky mini ball with coconut scrap as topping also made from cassava, bite it carefully,

people put melting palm sugar inside the ball

3. Tiwul Singkong :

Chopping the cassava into mini slices - square slice, then steam it with palm sugar for until

well done cook, then put coconut scarp as topping

4. Kroket Singkong ;

This snack - kroket - usually made from potato, mashed the steamed cassava, make small round

like you make nugget or sousage, put some chopped meat and vegetables inside it, then dip it

into bread flour and fry it

All About Cassava

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Getuk Lindri with coconut scarp as topping

Getuk Lindri with coconut scarp as topping
Getuk Lindri with coconut scarp as topping

My Favorite Music

I do love Kitaro, I always play over and over, so relaxing and make my day!

Hello healthy people.. have you tried cassava ? oh.. have you ever seen cassava tree ? or have you tried fermented cassava ? let me know your experiences and share with all people :)

thank you

What is your favorite recipe for cassava ?

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    • erickaregy profile image

      erickaregy 4 years ago

      @Zienna1: Woow.. thank you for sharing your favorite one :) it's a pleasure for me to write and share experiences here,

      hmm seem delicious to put small shrimps on fried cassava.. crunchy isn't it? I will try it at home

      nowadays people eat fried cassava with mayonnaise egghh not good idea I think :)

      Thank you Possie, for your comment, and hope you can find cassava as soonest :) ehehehe

    • profile image

      Zienna1 4 years ago

      I love eating them steamed with freshly grated coconuts. My mum used to grate them and fry them with small shrimps like fritters on banana leaves. I remembered the inflation time way back the 80's-90's in my country and all we have to eat from breakfast to supper were cassava tubers. Didn't complain it was a healthy food that keeps everybody going. Thanks for sharing these. I really missed it cause I couldn't find it where I presently living.