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Find and Make Quick, Simple, Easy and Delicious Recipes

Updated on December 26, 2012

I don’t want to say I’m not a good cook, but I can say my cooking skills were limited. That is until I was introduced to the world of recipes. Now don’t get me wrong, I am quite familiar with a recipe, but until recently, the only recipe I’ve ever used was a Red Velvet Cake that turned out to be a flop. I know what you’re thinking, I know how to read and follow instructions, that recipe was just not a good one.

However, in recent years I’ve come across some places that have taken care of me and my household in terms of recipes and variation. One of them you may be familiar with, the other you may not, but if you are strapped for new food ideas, these are the best places to start.

  1. The Food Network.
  2. The Pampered Chef.

A few years ago I visited The Food Network website in hopes of becoming inspired with some different meal ideas because dinner time was becoming dull time. I scanned and scanned looking through some of my favorite shows, one being The Neelys and of course, Rachel Ray, until I came across what sounded delicious and had items I knew wouldn’t be difficult to attain in my area.


Baked Lasagna From The Neelys

I only had to look up a couple of cooking terms and then I was off to the store to buy my simple items and anxiously make my very first lasagna, not from the box. Not only is this recipe simple, but it is delicious. Because of a bad childhood experience with someone’s lasagna, I did not like the idea of cottage cheese in my lasagna, but The Neely’s changed my mind quick. After while, I got fancy and changed the cottage cheese to ricotta cheese and found it ,made no difference anyway. And some may even cringe, but because I got stuck between deciding whether to make the Neely’s lasagna or Rachel Ray’s Mexican lasagna, I took the black beans from Rachel’s recipe and added them to “Mama’s Lasagna”. This lasagna is a fool proof delicious recipe so good to your taste buds you’ll probably want to make another pan in a few days. The best part is you can whip it up quick, but for the short on timers, you’re looking at close to an hour bake time, longer depending on your oven.


Delicious Strawberry Trifle

My first introduction to The Pampered Chef was through a home party my sister hosted. That’s where I met the dessert of all desserts, “The Strawberry Trifle.” This light and fluffy parfait looking treat is made to taste like strawberry cheesecake using only pound cake, yogurt, whip cream, cheesecake flavored pudding/pie filling, lemon juice, nuts, and of course, strawberries. When I took the first bite of this dessert I almost let go of my soul (yes, it’s that good). Nothing so delicious, sweet and light made my mouth feel so good since my first bite of Red Velvet Cake. The Pampered Chef Strawberry Trifle is a great recipe because it’s simple to remember, easy to whip up, and there’s not a person I’ve met yet who doesn’t like it; even non-sweet eaters, the lactose intolerant and the whip cream despisers, such as myself .

Pampered Chef has thousands of great budget friendly recipes and awesome, useful cookware and utensils to go with them. Visit their main site to get some free recipes right off the home page. Otherwise, you have to find a personal consultant in your area to host a show to get free and discounted products and great recipe books. As a bonus, a quick, simple and delicious recipe comes with most of the items you can order,

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