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food safety programs for food companies

Updated on September 4, 2009

All the elements of food supply chain need to implement Food safety programs mentioned below to deliver quality product to consumer free from any contamination, allergens with proper labelling and packaging . Important players like food ingredient supplier, Food manufacturers , Transporter and retailers need to implement these programs . Recent incidents of food recall in various part of globe has reinforced the importance of food safety programs and standards .

Following are the programs which may lead to safe production and delivery of food products

HACCP- Hazards and Critical Control Points

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control points is an important food safety program which highlights the significant aspects of the process which are critical in terms of food safety and product quality . All inputs and outputs are considered and then as per importance they are ranked the most critical points are selected and marked .SOP s are maintained and records are kept for any deviations .

GMP- Good Manufacturing Practices

Good manufacturing practices are implemented in all food companies so as to take care of machine and the process .Trainings are critical for good manufacturing practices . SOPs are maintained for process and machines

GHP - Good Hygiene Practices

Good hygiene practice s as important than any other food safety programs .It ensures that the hygiene is maintained on the production floor as well as the entire factory premise .Simple practices like hand washing , wearing protective gloves and installing food safety equipments can help to prevent food from contamination.

ISO 22000

ISO 22000 is another international accepted food safety programs for food manufacturer it cover s entire gamut of food production ,having HACCP helps in ISO22000. It has standards as similar to ISO 9000 for documentation , corrective measures , Emergency handling , Consumer s etc .

BRC- British Retail Consortium

British Retail Consortium has food safety standards for entire food supply chain from producers to retailers . Any company which supplies food products to British retailers need to go for BRC certifications .

SQF - Safety Quality Food

Safety Quality food is another important food safety related programs which ensure that food that reaches consumer is of right quality and free from any contamination . SQF is monitored by SQFI ( Safety Quality Food Institute ,USA ) it has got many companies from around the world as it member . Accredited Franchise are very limited hence stricter control on quality of audits and auditor is possible for SQF .

Consumer should check these certification mark on the label of food packaging or should enquire directly from companies about the food safety standards and programs



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