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Food Safety Information

Updated on March 1, 2015

Food safety should be observed in your personal kitchen, in restaurants and other food services

Food safety should be observed at all times. It doesn't matter whether you are at home, work or play. Too often food safety principles are relaxed and that then results in people getting sick. You don't need to be at a restaurant to find a dirty kitchen or food that isn't properly taken care of. Diseases and illnesses may currently be lurking in your own kitchen!

I learned everything I know from spending years in food service as an employee and manager. These skills were deepened when I owned and managed my own pizza franchise. OUTFOX Prevention has since blossomed from my experiences. I have been to too many family and work parties and have seen too many food-borne illnesses to not say anything!

One such instance came when I worked for a manufacturing company that decided to have a Christmas potluck... Imagine how much work got done when everyone was running to and from the bathroom from getting so sick! The culprit? Chinese food that was poorly reheated!

Food safety information was and can be sourced from the following websites:




Food Safety on Amazon - Food safety can not be understated. Great supplies available a click away.

Find food safety items on Amazon that will help you, your restaurant or other food service. Some of the items that can easily and cheaply sourced from Amazon include:

Cleaning supplies

  • Soaps
  • Scrubbers
  • Chemicals
  • Restaurant grade paper towels
  • Sanitizers


  • Kitchen reminders
  • Food safety posters
  • Hand washing posters


  • Food safety manuals
  • Hand washing guides
  • Infection Control manuals
  • Foodborne illness information
  • Restaurant inspection guides
  • Health codes
  • Building guidelines (for health and safety)

Hand washing lessons

  • Glo Germ kits
  • Glo Germ Gel
  • Glo Germ Powder
  • UV black lights

Got Soap Poster Food Safety and Hand Washing
Got Soap Poster Food Safety and Hand Washing

Hand Washing Posters for Food Safety

Great reminders reinforce great infection control training

Most people are aware now that one of the single most effective ways to avoid germs is through hand washing. Although we may know this, it does not mean that we don't need a reminder or two every now and then. Hand washing posters are especially a necessity in germ hotspots. Schools, daycares, homes, hospitals, clinics, food services, restaurants and so forth are only a few examples of places that harbor a lot of germs.

What is one of the greatest ways to teach Food Safety (especially to new employees to restaurants and other food services)? Hand washing! The hygiene posters that are offered by OUTFOX Prevention are only those that have been proven to be successful. Schools, healthcare facilities and food services all over the nation (as well as internationally) have consistently used these posters because of the great messages and the results that are seen. We are confident that using these posters will help students and employees become more compliant with hygiene standards.

Where can you find these posters? We sell these posters on our website (see link You can also get a free hygiene poster (digital) by emailing us at

Food safety creates a healthier happier life. Together we can OUTFOX illness and disease for a healthier future!

Food Safety!

Food and Germs Don't Mix!

Tell us what you think about food safety!

Mouths- The main entrance of germs

We need to eat, but we need to be careful what we put in our mouths. Not all food is safe to eat. We're not talking about taste or the look of the food. We are talking about quality.

There are many sources of foodborne illnesses that can contaminate the food we eat. Here are a few to look out for:

  • Source contamination (contaminated fertilizer, soil, or animals/insects)
  • Manufacturing (no clean processes, dirty worker hands, dirty equipment, dirty packaging, inadequate packaging, improper storage)
  • Shipping issues (in adequate refrigeration, improper storage, cross contamination)
  • Processing (cross contamination, inadequate cleaning, cleaning or chemical contamination)
  • Cooking (not cooking long enough, improper cooling, cross contaminating hazardous materials)
  • Serving (improper heat or cooling maintenance)
  • Leftover storage (improper cooling and storage in a refrigerator)
  • Reheating (improper reheating, or waiting too long to eat leftovers)

Food poisoning

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Food poisoning #2

Did you know most diarrhea is a caused by the food poisoning we often get?

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